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Contrarian investing challenges value analyses of certain stocks that for some reason are undervalued. Doing zigging while others do zagging as an option for stock market investments in the medium and long term. It is not just about buying low and selling high, but a bet based on accurate historical data of the companies.

Following the movements of large investors ensures profits but in smaller amounts. If the investment is made based on one’s own analysis and sense of smell, the return is higher. Value investing focuses on companies that are trading below their real price. This includes sales, earnings, and any other financial analysis metrics.

It is a different buying criterion than buying growth stocks that have upside potential in the market. The big question is: How do you go about finding the value stocks with the most upside?” The answer is a no-brainer: research.

Value stock buying tips are not found on social networks. They are the product of close monitoring of companies.

The attractiveness of the best value stocks to buy

Since they are not exactly the stocks that every day move the markets, their popularity is not so high. But this is just the appeal of contrarian investment value stocks. We know that all investment markets are linked to human emotions. So there is a very important underlying risk factor for growth-based trades.

They are certainly more attractive and make the main headlines of the day. All the financial portals talk about these stocks, they are a safe bet. But, it is the current that everyone follows and it ends up being like a bet on the favorite horse at the racetrack. Instead, value stocks have the potential to rise because their value is only reflecting a cyclical situation that can be overcome.

Here are 5 better value stocks to buy and give your portfolio more variety. They are shares that can revalue when companies finish recovering from the pandemic crisis. You don’t have to be an investment guru to recognize the value of a company based on its own potential. It is enough to analyze its product, market, competition, management, and corporate history.

Kroger (NYSE: KR)

To buy shares of this type you must first know that the returns will not be immediate. Therefore, you should only invest what you are willing to lose. Before the pandemic and during the early months of the crisis, Kroger was considered one of the most prominent supermarket retail firms.

Kroger MarketplaceSuddenly the shares of this U.S. company stopped being attractive and its growth slowed down. That is precisely its attractiveness, being a company that was growing and then suddenly stagnated. It now has a forward price-to-earnings ratio of 13.4 times. This stock has an attractive market value compared to the defensive retail industry sector.

Anyone choosing to invest in this stock should watch for a falling price environment for other value-safe havens. Precious metals yields are vastly underperforming at a time when inflationary alarm bells are going off. Amid this situation KR shares – a must-have business – have an optimistic forward growth outlook.

Verizon (NYSE: VZ)

Despite most stocks in the market plummeting and companies taking heavy losses during the pandemic, Verizon Communications managed to stay afloat. The company’s shares dropped 14% in price, but it was able to mitigate the blow. Other equity units fared worse.

In today’s world, telecommunications and cell phone networks are indispensable. Perhaps the moderate volatility of VZ shares was due precisely to this premise compared to other stocks. Cell phones will remain irreplaceable communication and work tools for a long time to come.No matter how bad the economy is, people will not stop using them.

Verizon It is true that until July this year VZ stock has been down (a little over 4%). For this reason, it is one of the most attractive opposite value stocks to buy at present. Everything suggests that the US economy will continue to grow, but also the European economy. On the other hand, the company has a very attractive valuation, currently trading at 11 times its forward earnings.

Suncor (NYSE: SU)

This Canadian integrated energy company specializes in the production of synthetic crude oil from oil sands. With the advent of the coronavirus, Suncor’s shares plummeted a little over 60% of their market value. Then with the oil price crisis last year, the business finally collapsed.

But the situation is changing, thanks to the country’s economic recovery. It is currently one of the best value stocks to buy. There are several reasons for this consideration. The reopening and reestablishment of business have lifted demand for shipping worldwide.

SuncorAll this has translated into a considerable increase in crude oil prices. On the other hand, real-time traffic statistics show how the volume of traffic in major cities around the world has skyrocketed. Suncor’s forward earnings projection is trading at less than 14 times. The company is also making a shift to renewable energy. If you get the purchase right, you’ll have made a good deal.

Huntington Ingalls Industries (NYSE: HII)

It is a company engaged in the manufacture of naval vessels whose primary customers are the Navy, Marine Corp., and the U.S. Coast Guard. The company also serves an expanding foreign and commercial market. If viewed from a strictly geopolitical standpoint, this is one of worthwhile value action.

 Huntington IndustriesThe current U.S. standoff with China and public support for the Biden administration to take a tough stance on respect for human rights and trade relations with the Asian giant, make this action one that should be considered by any investor willing to take a controlled risk.

The United States needs to send clear messages to China about its power and resolve. That implies a possibility of increased demand for ships given the country’s need to upgrade its fleet. If Republicans return to the White House in the next few years, the likelihood of increased military spending is imminent. Hill’s value stocks would then be highly ranked.

Rent-A-Center (RCII)

The company specializes in the furniture, electronic and electrical equipment, and telephone rental business with an option to purchase. Since mid-March, Rent-A-Center’s share performance has been negative. There is a likelihood that the stock’s decline will deepen, but it is still an option to consider.

The future of this stock to buy raises a lot of anticipation and intrigue. RCII stock currently trades at 15.6 times past earnings and just under 10 times forward earnings. Rent-A-Center is a business that can do very well when things go wrong. Consumption levels may not return to 2019 levels.

Rent-a-CenterAvailable data on Americans’ double-digit personal savings rate (May of this year) indicates that consumers don’t want to risk making very large purchases. Certainly, there is an expansion of consumption but people are acting more rationally than before.

The future remains uncertain with the emergence of the Delta variant and the prolongation of the coronavirus crisis. If the economy does not grow further or there is a very high price escalation, the RCII stock is likely to gain momentum. However, it is a capital unit that carries risks.


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