Friday, 27 May , 2022
S&P 500 INDEX  ^SPX 
4,057.84  79.11  1.99%  
12,276.79  332.86  2.79%  
Russell 2000  ^RUT 
1,838.24  39.07  2.17%  
Dow Jones Industrial Average  ^DJI 
32,637.19  516.91  1.61%  
CBOE Volatility Index  ^VIX 
27.50  0.8700  3.07%  
Nikkei 225  ^N225 
$26,781.68  $176.84  0.66%  
3.740,31  92,75  2,00%  
FTSE 100  ^FTSE 
$7,564.92  $42.17  0.56%  
Bitcoin USD  BTC-USD 
28,763.55  822.16  2.78%  

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Central banks study the creation of their own cryptocurrencies

Distrust of cryptocurrencies by governments and banks is becoming normalized. As the saying goes, "if you can't beat the enemy, join him," the strategy...
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U.S. Treasury and banks discuss regulation of stable cryptocurrencies

The U.S. Treasury Department this week convened several financial industry executives in an effort to better understand the risks and benefits of more stable...

Sweden launches its digital currency to compete with Bitcoin

Sweden's central bank, Riksbank, officially launched the world's second central bank-backed digital currency: the digital krona or 'eKrona'. The Scandinavian currency is available on...

Inflation peaked in the U.S.?

U.S. consumer prices reached their highest level in 13 years in June. The price escalation has been driven by the supply crisis and shortages...
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Investing in gold to protect yourself from the recession: Should you buy gold right...

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Why has Solana’s price increased so much?

Although the cryptocurrency market remained down for several weeks, August was a very favorable month for the world's major digital currencies. The market has...
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5 reasons to buy Solana, Ethereum’s fearsome competitor

Solana is a cryptocurrency and the blockchain platform created for decentralized applications (DeFi) fastest growing in the world. It competes with Ethereum, the largest...
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Tezos: Innovation or just another crypto? How to buy?

The blockchain Tezos (XTZ) is a network linked to a digital token called a tez or tezzie. Unlike Bitcoin, Tezos is not based on...
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Thinking about buying Cardano? Here are 5 things to know before you invest

One of the most promising developments in the cryptocurrency ecosystem is Cardano and its ADA token. This can be noticed in this phenomenon: both its...
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