Friday, 3 December , 2021
S&P 500 INDEX  ^SPX 
4,577.10  64.06  1.42%  
15,990.76  113.04  0.71%  
Russell 2000  ^RUT 
2,206.33  58.91  2.74%  
Dow Jones Industrial Average  ^DJI 
34,639.79  617.75  1.82%  
CBOE Volatility Index  ^VIX 
27.95  3.17  10.19%  
Nikkei 225  ^N225 
$27,692.34  $61.03  0.22%  
4.108,02  71,13  1,00%  
FTSE 100  ^FTSE 
$7,129.21  $39.47  0.55%  
Bitcoin USD  BTC-USD 
56,332.34  527.13  0.93%  

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