Sunday, 26 June , 2022
S&P 500 INDEX  ^SPX 
3,911.74  116.01  3.06%  
12,105.85  408.17  3.49%  
Russell 2000  ^RUT 
1,765.74  54.06  3.16%  
Dow Jones Industrial Average  ^DJI 
31,500.68  823.32  2.68%  
CBOE Volatility Index  ^VIX 
27.23  1.82  6.27%  
Nikkei 225  ^N225 
$26,491.97  $320.72  1.23%  
3.533,17  96,88  2,00%  
FTSE 100  ^FTSE 
$7,208.81  $188.36  2.68%  
Bitcoin USD  BTC-USD 
21,370.48  168.27  0.79%  

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