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Public approval of Joe Biden, the current U.S. president, has fallen to a very low grade, the lowest since he began his administration.

Polls conducted by the Reuters agency indicate that citizens are more critical than before due to decisions made by the government in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic.

A national poll was conducted just a few days ago and has found that 45 percent of senior citizens approve of the president’s performance, but more relevant is the number of disapprovals, which is bordering on 50 percent, the news agency said.

Strangely, very few people declared having neither positive nor negative opinions, the classic “don’t know/no answer”.

Acceptance of the top U.S. executive has been in decline since last month when the U.S.-backed government in Afghanistan fell.

Another factor was the growth in deaths caused by the coronavirus in all states in the new wave of the disease.

Vaccination and debate

Although a large part of citizens support the measures about vaccination and the use of masks that the government decreed recently with the aim of curbing the contagions of the Delta strain, certain Republican sectors criticized arguing that it is an exaggerated decision on the part of Biden.

Weekly polls showed that the number of Americans who approve of the White House’s pandemic measures has fallen to less than 50 percent, something that had not happened until now: approximately 49 percent supported the government’s restrictions on covid-19, and 46 percent disapproved.

During former President Donald Trump’s first year in office, 39 percent of citizens had approved of his policies, and 57 percent had disapproved.

The poll by Reuters and the consulting firm Ipsos is conducted online and in English throughout the United States.

The last one had responses from 1,000 people of legal age, including just under 450 Democrats and 355 Republicans. It has a margin of failure of 4 pp.

Joe BidenFewer taxes on the middle class

On the other hand, the U.S. president announced this week a tariff cut aimed at 50 million middle-class families. At the same time, he raised them for the richest people.

From the official residence, Biden pointed out that this is a historic rate cut for the middle class, but did not go into detail.

In his speech, he also lashed out at large corporations and the wealthiest individuals, whom he said should start contributing their fair share of taxes.

In this line, he said that the United States is currently faced with the choice of continuing as it has been, where big business is overwhelmingly benefiting from economic growth, or moving towards an alternative that favors everyone.

Joe Biden said the record is clear: for four decades the rich have been getting richer and too many companies have forgotten their responsibility to their employees, their communities, and the United States.

Biden against big corporations

In addition, he referred to the fact that past managers of companies earned twenty times more than their workers, and that today there is 350 times the difference between the two incomes.

He went on to say that how can it be possible that more than 50 U.S. corporations pay absolutely no federal income taxes, and that they made profits of $40 billion last year.

For the U.S. government, his country is at a tipping point, where the measures may determine changes in the future that will last for years and even decades.

Finally, he said that when he was running for office he had proposed changes and that he believes this is the time for them to happen: to get workers back into the economy and to show citizens that the government is working for their good, not just for big business and the wealthy.



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