Ethereum Falls on Regulator Scrutiny


Ethereum is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world today, but it has been called out by regulators who think that it is not playing by the rules. This currency has become very popular because people are using its blockchain to send messages along with investing in the currency. The Ehtereum challenge comes down to how they play within the current regulations.

A Regulator

A regulator has already said that he thinks this company is not compliant with US regulations, and that could cause problems for other cryptocurrency companies who are trying to operate in the US. They do not have any way of changing because they might be operating in the same ways as Ethereum, and that could change the whole of the industry in America.

What Can Ethereum Do?

Ethereum must wait for regulators to make their judgements, and they must be willing to change if they want to continue operating in the US. The problem that a company like this runs into is they could lose all their customers if they are not careful. They have millions under management, and they must protect their customers.

Will The Regulations Change?

Regulations could change if cryptocurrencies are reevaluated at some time in the near future. However, the companies that are being watched by regulators cannot wait for the rules to change. The only thing these companies can do is be certain that they have a plan to adapt. Someone who is investing with Ethereum should not pull out their money because they will found out in the news if something catastrophic were to happen.

The Ehtereum shake-up is more about what other cryptocurrencies will do than Ethereum itself. The company could easily recover from the watchful eye of US regulators, and they could even change their setup to make their company look much more attractive to regulators. It is wise for people to keep an eye on Ethereum because there is no way to know if they can survive the regulator’s pen and rules.


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