Korean Peace Accord Recorded With Ethereum Blockchain


The historic peace concord between North and South Korea was recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. People might not think that is a very big deal, but they must realize that many people were locked out of the conversation even in China. The blockchain became a way to disperse information, and it helps people learn what is going on in the world.

Why Ethereum?

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that is very popular right now, and people who invest in it in places like China and the Koreas were recording the peace accord on the blockchain because they wanted other people to see it. There are many people who will never get to see the accord unless they catch it on the blockchain, and that is why they must see it through Ethereum.

Mutual Sharing

There are many people around the world who are reading the blockchain of Ethereum because that is the only places they can get their news, and the only way for them to keep up is to interact on this blockchain. The blockchain is easy to read, and it could be edited at any time.

Ethereum Is Happy To Help

Ethereum was happy to have a part in this process, and they were pleased to see that people trusted them enough with this message. Companies around the world in other industries might not have allowed this, but they are not like Ethereum. This is one of the biggest currencies in the world right now, and they must do everything they can to make their customers happy. People who see this firm as proactive will be more likely to invest with them, and that makes Ethereum more viable for the future.


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