Vitalik Release New Tech Information


Vitalik is the founder of Ethereum, and he has been working with his team on a technique for scaling called sharding. This particular style of scaling could change how the cryptocurrency industry works, and there are those that believe that Vitalik has made a major breakthrough simply by proving that his technique works on some level.

More Investors

People who are invested in currency right now are aware that scaling has a lot to do with the price of the currency. The scale of the currency has to be correct if it is to remain stable, and Ethereum wanted to prove that they could keep their currency more stable.

More Press

Ethereum is getting all the press right now because of their proof of sharding’s success. They are taking over a large marketshare of the cryptocurrency world because they are staying ahead of the game. Other currencies are not using this technology, and Ethereum is proving that they are willing to do what other companies will not.

Safer Investing/Trading

A stable price for Ethereum is important because it helps people invest with confidence. Someone who feels safe when they invest is much more likely to return to that company in the future, and Ethereum wants to have as many return customers as they can get. The currency cannot grow unless people trust it, and that is where new efforts such as this come into play.

When Will It Happen For Real?

No one knows when sharing will be used on the Ethereum platform, but they know that it is coming. This firm has put other currencies on notice, and they are showing that they want to improve the industry while also making gains for themselves. Sharding could save a lot of people large amounts of money, sand it could change how cryptocurrencies are traded.

The cryptocurrency market will change when Ehtereum gets its sharding technique online. They will help keep the price as high as possible, and they could force other companies to take similar measures. The cryptocurrency market is getting stronger, and it could do so on the back of a simple technique that Ethereum has developed.


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