Elizabeth Cambage Net Worth

Title: Elizabeth Cambage Net Worth: An Insight into the Basketball Star’s Wealth and 6 Fascinating Facts


Elizabeth Cambage is a renowned Australian professional basketball player who has been making waves in the sporting world. With her exceptional skills on the court, she has not only gained immense popularity but has also accumulated considerable wealth. In this article, we will explore Elizabeth Cambage’s net worth as of 2023, along with six interesting facts about her. Additionally, we will address some common questions related to her career and personal life.

Elizabeth Cambage’s Net Worth:

As of 2023, Elizabeth Cambage’s estimated net worth is approximately $5 million. Her wealth primarily stems from her successful basketball career, brand endorsements, and various business ventures. Known for her dominant presence on the court, Cambage has secured lucrative contracts with major basketball teams worldwide, contributing significantly to her overall net worth.

Interesting Facts about Elizabeth Cambage:

1. Unique Achievement: Elizabeth Cambage holds the record for the most points scored in a single game in the history of women’s Olympic basketball. In the 2012 London Olympics, she scored an astonishing 53 points against Russia, surpassing the previous record of 47 points.

2. International Stardom: Besides her success in the Australian Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL), Cambage has also showcased her talents globally. She played for the Dallas Wings in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) and represented Australia in several international competitions, including the FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup.

3. Entrepreneurial Ventures: Apart from her basketball career, Cambage has ventured into entrepreneurial endeavors. She has launched her own fashion line, “EC,” featuring stylish and inclusive sportswear. This business venture has not only diversified her income sources but has also allowed her to express her creativity off the court.

4. Mental Health Advocate: Elizabeth Cambage has been vocal about her struggles with mental health, especially in the highly competitive sports industry. She actively promotes mental health awareness and encourages athletes to prioritize their well-being. Cambage’s advocacy work has garnered significant attention, making her a role model for aspiring athletes.

5. International Media Presence: Cambage has garnered extensive media coverage and has been featured in prominent publications such as ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and Vogue. Her unique style and glamorous persona have made her a fashion icon, further boosting her public image and appeal.

6. Philanthropic Efforts: Elizabeth Cambage is actively involved in various philanthropic initiatives, focusing on empowering young girls and promoting gender equality. She supports organizations such as UNICEF and actively participates in basketball clinics and workshops to inspire the next generation of female athletes.

Common Questions about Elizabeth Cambage:

1. What is Elizabeth Cambage’s height?

Elizabeth Cambage stands tall at 6 feet 8 inches (203 cm), making her one of the tallest professional female basketball players in the world.

2. Has Elizabeth Cambage won any major awards?

Yes, she has received several accolades throughout her career, including being named to the WNBA All-Star team, securing the WNBL MVP award, and earning a spot on the FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup All-Star Five.

3. How did Elizabeth Cambage start her basketball career?

Cambage started playing basketball at a young age and quickly gained attention due to her exceptional talent. She joined the Australian Institute of Sport, which paved the way for her professional career.

4. What is Elizabeth Cambage’s highest-scoring game in the WNBA?

In a WNBA game in 2018, Cambage scored 53 points, tying the league’s record for the most points scored in a single game.

5. Is Elizabeth Cambage involved in any charitable work?

Yes, Cambage actively supports various philanthropic initiatives, particularly those focused on empowering young girls and promoting gender equality.

6. Has Elizabeth Cambage ever played for any international basketball teams?

Yes, she has represented the Australian national basketball team in numerous international competitions, including the Olympics and FIBA World Cup.

7. Does Elizabeth Cambage have any endorsement deals?

Yes, Cambage has secured endorsement deals with major brands, including Nike, which further contributes to her overall net worth.

8. How has Elizabeth Cambage contributed to the fashion industry?

Cambage has launched her own fashion line, “EC,” which offers inclusive sportswear, showcasing her passion for fashion and empowering individuals of all body types.

9. What challenges has Elizabeth Cambage faced in her career?

Cambage has faced various challenges, including mental health issues and public scrutiny. However, she has been resilient and emerged as a strong advocate for mental health awareness.

10. Is Elizabeth Cambage active on social media?

Yes, she has a strong social media presence and actively engages with her fans on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

11. Has Elizabeth Cambage ever played basketball outside of Australia?

Yes, Cambage has played for teams in the United States, notably in the WNBA, as well as in China, representing the Shanghai Baoshan Dahua team.

12. Does Elizabeth Cambage hold any records besides the Olympic scoring record?

Yes, she also holds the record for the most points scored in a single WNBA game and is recognized as one of the most dominant centers in women’s basketball.

13. What inspired Elizabeth Cambage to become a mental health advocate?

Cambage’s personal struggles with mental health and her experiences in the sports industry inspired her to become an advocate for mental well-being among athletes.

14. How has Elizabeth Cambage inspired young athletes?

Through her remarkable achievements and advocacy work, Cambage serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes, encouraging them to pursue their dreams fearlessly and prioritize their mental well-being.


Elizabeth Cambage’s net worth of approximately $5 million in 2023 reflects her successful basketball career, entrepreneurial ventures, and diverse income streams. With her exceptional skills, unique achievements, and influence off the court, Cambage has become a household name in the world of basketball. As she continues to make her mark in the sports industry, her net worth is anticipated to grow, further solidifying her status as one of the most prominent female athletes globally.

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