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Back in March, I asked a legitimate question that deserves an answer. Why are there NO Sandy Hook Victim’s lawsuits?

The only lawsuit that was filed was from a surviving student’s father and it was dropped due to public pressure. Why none from the families? These same families put up personal fundraising pages after the tragedy, in many cases. Many of these families left those pages up long after funeral expenses were paid and kept collecting money.

I am not necessarily calling them greedy.

Let’s just say that many of these people have displayed a tendency to collect and go after what they feel is rightfully coming to them.

So, again, why no lawsuits?

The old saying is that you “follow the money” to get to the bottom of anything.

That is not necessarily an easy task in Newtown, Connecticut as evidenced by Dr. Eowyn’s report on real estate sale prices. There are a lot of $0 purchases in the small township of Sandy Hook, CT and many are related to victim’s families.

Nonetheless, I am not sure many of us realize how much money is flowing into Connecticut, and continuing to flow even as we approach the two year anniversary of the shooting.

Our friends at Team Wake Em Up have just released a new video which details about $27 million dollars that has flowed to Sandy Hook residents, primarily from the federal government. The money is showing no signs of stopping. Earlier this month another grant was awarded for 7.1 million dollars.

Keep in mind that the numbers in the video do not include everything. In fact, it doesn’t even mention the $50 million in pending state grant money for the new school.

$50 million?

For an elementary school?

So what do you think?

Is it hush money?


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