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Former New York lieutenant governor Betsy McCaughey believes that “you can’t find five members of Congress who have read” the Senate “Gang of Eight” immigration bill.

McCaughey, a former Democrat who has had experience at reading large bills that Congress passes without reading gives her assessment of the immigration bill put forth by the Gang of Eight, attempting to underline and tab the pages in order to get a big picture of the implications of provisions of the bill, should it be implemented.

She was interviewed by the Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas and constantly referenced the bill during the interview.

“There are many interest groups involved in this bill,” McCaughey said.

“In fact, many, many, many — except one,” she added. “I didn’t find anything for Joe Q. Citizen in this bill. I didn’t find anything for the average tax-paying citizen in this bill.”

“Somebody forgot to tell him about the meeting, so he or she is not represented in this bill,” she said.

In the interview, McCaughey lays out six major problems with the bill and its vast implications for America including amnesty and lax border security provisions.

I highly recommend you take the time to listen to the interview, because just like Obamacare, which McCaughey has read, those putting it forward have not even read what’s in it.

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