Is 9/11 the Day for a New American Revolution?


The American Revolution sprang up and lasted for about eight and a half years according to most historians. We the People speak endlessly in fond and glowing terms of our “Forefathers” and our “Founding Fathers” and such; and rightly so.

Somewhere buried deep in our collective consciousness, perhaps in the dark of the night or perhaps in the wee hours of the early morning just as the sun begins to cross the horizon, we pay a silent homage to those who also served this nation in its greatest hour of need and with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence did mutually pledge to each other their very lives, their Fortunes, their Sacred Honor, their Husbands and their Sons.

Yes, I am borrowing from the Declaration of Independence to make a point. A mere eight thousand died over a period of eight years of the American Revolution, but the greatest cost and the greatest suffering was visited upon those who survived; the wives and families of those who gave all.

My uncles served in WW-II. My father served in Korea and in Vietnam, and I served two combat tours in Vietnam as a teenager. We served our country and people everywhere in defense of freedom. Putting all politics aside, we believed that people everywhere have a God given right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness; free from government oppression and perpetual servitude. And somewhere in the jungles of Vietnam the clarity of mission got lost in tides of anti-war politics. America lost her conviction because after two decades of flag draped coffin funerals there was no end in sight and no measurable progress in our stated goals and objectives.

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Fast forward to the so-called “War on Terror” that has been ongoing for more than a dozen years during which more than five thousand of our young men and women have been killed, and ten times that number have suffered life altering injuries. And I must ask: For what? Yes, we were attacked. Yes, we needed to react to that attack. But did we really need boots on the ground? Afghanistan has never been successfully occupied and never will be. Did we not learn that from the Russian fiasco?

It is about time. It’s about time for We the People to stand proud and loud with those who continue to pay the highest price for a muddled foreign policy: The families of our uniformed men and women. It is about time.

It is about time for all members of our military families to stand up and say enough!

It is about time for all members of our military families to stop living in fear of losing their loved ones in more pointless political posturing that serves no real interest of our nation or the principles that this country once stood for.

Unlike the Dip-Stick-In-Charge (DSIC) in Washington, I have actually lived among the good people in the Middle East for a number of years; specifically Iran and Saudi Arabia. And yes, there are good people there just as there are here and just like our country there are those whose only vision is personal wealth and power via the subjugation of the people; not unlike our own government.

Word has begun to seep out of certain halls in Washington D.C. that an arrangement is being worked that will eventually put boots on the ground in Syria. When the DSIC and “Chief Running Snot for Brains McCain” become pals, it is time for America to truly be afraid.

Nine-Eleven is upon us once again.

It is about time for us to stop mourning our losses of innocent civilians.

It Is about time that our military, who had lost loved ones, twice as many as those who lost loved ones when the towers fell, to join with every other military family whose loved ones are being put needlessly in harm’s way to raise a hue and cry that can be heard around the world and possibly loud enough to be heard in Washington.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. – Albert Einstein

I am calling on all military families, and their friends and neighbors and supporters of every flavor to stop our government’s insanity by deploying rallies and demonstrations in every American city on this Nine-Eleven against further involvement in the Middle East.

It is about time America. Let our voices be heard on this Nine-Eleven.

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