Nevada: A Crisis not going to Waste as UN Small Arms Treaty Advances


“We need to have a civilian national security force that is just as well trained, just as well funded as the military to meet the national security objectives that we have set.” Presidential candidate Barrack Hussein Obama, 2008

America, President Obama has succeeded in the creation of this national security force, and it is the goons of the Bureau of Land Management that are armed to the teeth, surrounding one farmers grazing land. These people are not loyal to the U.S. Constitution, for they have taken no loyalty oath to any ideal that we cherish. They are loyal to their masters, the monstrous leviathan that we call the federal government. If 200 armed agents surrounding one farmer’s land aren’t enough to snap the eternally asleep into full awareness of the dire situation we face in this nation, then I don’t know what is. If you are one of the “aware” but choose to say nothing, you may as well go to sleep because if you say nothing now, you will remain silent later.

A dangerous scenario is developing America, one that I and many others have been warning about for a long time. Many think that what is occurring in Nevada, as thousands of patriots, oath keepers and even Constitutional Sheriff’s arrive in protest of the gross abuse of the leviathans power, is a good thing. In many ways it is, because it shows the dedication and motivation of those committed to defend liberty; however, there is another element to all of this. Behind the scenes, unreported by most media sources, the enforcement of the United Nations Small Arms treaty advances.

According to the New American, 32 nations have now submitted “proof” of ratifying the treaty to the UN Also, according to the same article, a universal “forced adherence “will take effect after 50 nations have verified their own ratification. In other words America, they are going to enforce this treaty whether we ratify it or not. In the last article I wrote, concerning the Connecticut gun laws and the UN small arms treaty, I spelled out some of the language and it clearly gives the UN power to intervene in “conflict areas” for the purposes of disarmament and establishing control. What we have developing in Nevada is definitely a conflict folks; it could very well be the next crisis that won’t be going to waste.

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To further demonstrate the “global efforts” to disarm America, I will refer you to a report issued by the UN demanding the U.S. do away with “stand your ground laws” because they threaten the “human rights” and safety of American citizens, particularly, brace yourself now, women and minorities. While the data in the report is easy to discredit when comparing it to facts, it doesn’t change the fact that it is an official report being used to discredit The United States Constitution. If you want to see what the real intent behind the UN small arms treaty is you need look no further than Venezuela, where implementation of the treaty led to bloodshed while Hugo Chavez, with support of the UN, disarmed the population by force. This is what is coming to these United States folks; this is the global governance vision of the UN that so many believe will lead to world peace and harmony.

I have been warning you for a long time that your government has classified all those who dissent as domestic terrorists. It has gotten so bad that even a liberal professor refers to a pro-life student as a domestic terrorist for displaying pictures of aborted fetuses on a college campus. Our society has become so divided against itself that it is, for the most part, people, who support the overbearing power of the federal government because of the promises it makes, versus those who believe in limited government and the rights of self-governance per the Constitution. The two cannot exist side by side folks, and I would argue, based on what I see happening, that this division was created with one sole purpose in mind; destroying the collective power of the citizenry to resist, while creating the conditions where people will freely surrender their weapons because of an overwhelming fear of the unknown. For far too long we have sat idly by, smug in our beliefs that our rights and liberties were secure while, in all actuality, we have been losing them on a daily basis. Folks, the U.S. Constitution hangs by a thread and any efforts to defend it will be viewed as domestic terrorism by the federal government, hell bent on destroying it. Please, God help us all.

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