A Jihadist Storm May Be Blowing Our Way


Surprise, surprise. MoveOn.org has begun another campaign that could potentially damage our country. Pretty much everything they do is damaging in one way or another, but this damage could have disastrous consequences.

In a blast email I received, they begin with the following:

“Here’s the situation: Millions of families have fled terrorism and their government’s bombs, only to face the impossible choice between trying to survive the winter in tents in refugee camps, or making the often lethal trip to Europe. At present, the United States only plans to welcome 10,000 Syrian refugees next year.”

So what do they want of the useful idiots who believe in the MoveOn movement? Well, as usual, they want money. But they also want the useful idiots to contact their Senators and ask (more like demand – we know the left never asks for anything) that they co-sponsor Bill 2145, “the Middle East Refugee Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act.”

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The Act would provide an extra $1 billion in emergency money to “allow funding for the resettlement of up to 100,000 refugees over two years.”

A billion dollars! Where are we going to get that money? Oh, that’s right. Congress and the president now have as much money as they want to spend on whatever they want, thanks to the new unlimited 2 year budget. So don’t worry about that, silly. We’re swimming in fake money!

The Bill was proposed by republican Lindsey Graham and democrat Patrick Leahy, so it’s bipartisan – and we know (because they keep telling us) bipartisanship is the key to getting things done.

Yet, the Obama Administration has already announced that it will “allow 10,000 Syrian refugees to resettle in the U.S. over 2015-2016. About 2,000 have arrived since 2012. The administration also plans to increase the number of refugees allowed into the country from 70,000 to 100,000 in 2016-2017.” And of course none of them will be Christian or Yazidi. That they’ll screen for.

So we could have 5,000 to 7,000 “refugees” already in the United States, with thousands more on the way. But don’t worry – we’re safe – or are we? FBI director James Comey said just last Thursday that there are “gaps” in our security screening/vetting process. “There is risk associated of bringing anybody in from the outside, but specifically from a conflict zone like that,” he told members of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. 

Allow me to translate. We don’t know who these “refugees” are, why they’re coming to America, and what they will do when they get here. How many may be ISIS or another terror group? We have no way of knowing. So let’s let them all in and pay to get them here! Talk about being agents of our own destruction.

It’s interesting that the same senator who is sponsoring this bill said: “I’m telling you what’s coming: Barack Obama’s policies of leading from behind are going to allow another 9/11.” That was Lindsey Graham just back in June – a mere 4 months ago.

But we on the right worry too much. A poll published last year by “the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies found that 13% of Syrian refugees have positive feelings towards the Islamic State terrorist group.”

So a full 87% must have negative feelings. That’s great! Imagine getting 87% approval on anything. There’s a problem though: this isn’t a political poll and these people are not ignorant. 77% of those polled said they knew full well who and what ISIS was, yet 13% still had a positive view of the Islamic State. That means that, even if they aren’t ISIS when they arrive, they can easily be turned, and 13% of around 120,000 is about 16,000 potential terrorists – at minimum!

Don’t think it will happen? “A study of Al-Qaeda operatives found that 70% joined the jihad after moving to a new country.”

There’s a storm blowing in from the east –the Middle East, and if we’re not careful, we will be swept away by it.

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