A Legal Case is Needed to Protect Voting Rights of Legal US Citizens


The debate rages about whether to secure our border, especially with Mexico. The Obama Administration has made direct efforts to avoid stemming the tide of illegal immigrants streaming over our porous border from Mexico and has even issued threats against law enforcement who attempt to capture, identify, and prosecute illegals. He has even promised amnesty to those already here in the US, and many RINOs have expressed assent to this illegal move.

Most Americans support legal immigration. Americans are generous people, thus, some naively think open borders would be acceptable, despite the threat this poses to traditional American culture. In past decades, when my grandparents and my father came here, they did so for the purpose of becoming Americans. They went through the process and embraced American culture, adopting English as their new language and adopting our laws. They contributed to the American cultural landscape. They wanted to be Americans. While some come here for a better life, too many wish only to take advantage of the generosity of America, receiving welfare, free medical care, schooling and other benefits, while giving as little as possible. Others have openly espoused “reconquista” or the annexation of California, Texas and New Mexico, not by armed rebellion, but by what amounts to as illegal occupation. These people do not want to be Americans. They want to take what they can from the great promise of America, while not embracing the very principle upon which the US was founded.

Polls vary about the immigration issue, conducted by think tanks and media sources. As is often the case, polls can be easily skewed in the way questions are asked. Broadly speaking, the left seems to favor open borders, while the right seems to want immigration to be legal. The left favors amnesty for illegals already here, while the right generally does not, even though they recognize that many illegals who come here are honest and hard-working, their intention merely to live better here than in their old country. Both sides favor legal immigration, but the left feels it should be automatic, while the right believes there should always be a vetting process in place. This debate will continue until US Citizens reach a clear and unequivocal consensus about standards for legal immigration.

But something greater is at stake, and it may be lost in the cluttered white noise of the immigration policy debate. The Obama administration openly invites foreign nationals to overwhelm our southern borders in order to make immigration enforcement impossible. Moreover, Obama has added that driver’s licenses may be issued to these illegal aliens. With motor voter registration, this would confer illegal voting rights on people who are not US Citizens. This is also against US law. It is, in fact, punishable and it is dangerous because it would hand control of the US voting process over to those who have no rights within the borders of our country. There is no question of Obama’s reasons for this. He is trying to create a new class of voters for the Democratic Party. His success in this nefarious move would dilute the value of legitimate US Citizens rights and change the entire basis on which our nation was founded.

Our laws say that adult citizens of the US who are residents of one of the 50 states and, under only certain circumstances, the District of Columbia, must be allowed to vote in US elections. This right is protected for a number of different reasons and is guaranteed by sections of the 15th, 19th, 24th, and 26th Amendments. Some exceptions are made for alien residents who own property to vote in local elections for school board and other essentially non-political elections, but never for national elections or even for Mayoral or Gubernatorial elections. However, current law clearly states that non-citizens are forbidden from voting in federal elections. In fact, it is a federal crime for a non-citizen to vote. It is even illegal to register to vote in such an election. There are penalties of imprisonment, severe fines and deportation of those breaking this law.

There is no question that it is illegal for the President of the US to offer, much less to grant, citizenship by decree or executive order to ANYONE. The process for legal immigration continues to be in place and must be enforced. There are strict limitations on the rights of non-citizens and NO RIGHTS can be claimed by those who are here illegally. Thus, it is questionable whether illegal aliens may apply for or obtain driver’s licenses, welfare, free medical care or school tuition, let alone such a profoundly basic and precious right as the casting of a ballot. The President does not have the authority to give any illegal alien the right to stay in this country or to be granted any rights of US Citizenship. He has chosen to do it by ignoring the law, thus creating de facto residence permission for what amount to non-vetted invaders. In addition to this ignorance, the Federal government has removed the check box from the voter registration form that indicates whether one is a legal US Citizen.

Of course, Obama and the Democrats have a nefarious reason for this illegal policy: to create legions of new voters for the Democrats! The staggering idiocy of RINO politicians, such as Jeb Bush, who support this policy, should never be elected. And those already holding office should be hounded out at the first opportunity.

US Citizens should do all they can to prevent this invasion of our voting system. Its success will spell the end of the value of US Citizens’ votes.
I am calling for the cleverest legal minds in the US to find the legal precedents necessary to craft an argument that could be presented to the US Supreme Court to prevent giving such manufactured “rights” to illegal aliens. I believe that such a case can be brought to the US Supreme court to prevent illegal pollution/invasion of the US voting system. Non-citizens of the US should not be granted the right to vote by presidential decree. There should be a great outcry among legal US Citizens to prevent further attempts to pervert and destroy the voting system of our country.

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