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Males students were videoed engaging in a mock “party game” called “Abortion Battles” at Hunter College. With balloons under their shirts as though they are pretending to be pregnant, they attempt to stab each other’s balloon with plastic forks, which is representative of a baby in the womb. Oh the sick mentality of the feminization of males in our culture and the seemingly seared consciences of many when it comes to the murder of the unborn.

Some students yell, “Kill that baby! Kill it!”

Many students were surprised to hear about the incident.

“I think it’s immature, but it’s not like they were doing anything that bad,” a female student said.

“I find everything funny, so I find it a little funny, and weird,” a male student said.

“You can play around, but not call it something like that,” a female student said.

“I don’t find it particularly funny. I don’t find it’s offensive either. But I think that it’s just silly,” another male student said.

The disturbing thing in all of this is the complete desensitivity of all these student involved in this game. There was a time, and at least still is in many schools and homes, where such a thing would have brought not only shock, but a strong reprimand at such shameful actions by those who should be mature enough to not engage in such depravity.

One person, commenting on the New York CBS affiliate web site, hit the nail on the head. San Rafael Blue wrote:

“DISGUSTING!!! This is what you get from school kids raised up watching cartoons like Family Guy, or some parts of Adult Swim. Some of those prime time new cartoons are very clever and entertaining, then suddenly, they become either overly bloody or gratuitously cruel. If I’m with someone during those shows, I have to leave the room when the ;humor; becomes too dark, too…mean.


Regular doses of that sort of ‘humor’ help to desensitize people, lessen the ability to empathize. The popularity of ridiculing all Christian religions is not resisted by many, and thought to be ‘cool’ by too many. Showing kindness and compassion in today’s America is considered a weakness by the majority of young people, at least that is their public reaction to positive social mores.”

If you are a parent of these adolescents you should be ashamed. If you are one of these individuals, you should be even more ashamed. Abortion is no laughing matter, nor is it to be mocked. It is the premeditated murder of an unborn child and here we see on display what takes place in a culture that not only accepts murder of the unborn, but actually promotes and idolizes it.

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