Allen West: “Bin Laden Being Dead is Not Foreign Policy”


Congressman Allen West (R-FL) appeared on “On The Record” with Greta Van Susteren last Thursday evening and said that promoting the death of Osama bin Laden is not foreign policy.

West pointed to the fact that our embassies have been attacked, we’ve lost an ambassador, a fight pilot, and six fighter jets all since September 11, 2012 demonstrates that Barack Obama is the weakest and most ineffective person to hold the office of President of the United States. “That’s just in the course of a week,” West declared.

When asked why he thought it was Obama’s fault. West answered very simply with the words Barack Obama stressed over and over again when he took office, “Because he is the Commander-in-chief.”

West went on to point to “Operation Vengeance,” which was conducted in 1943. He used the incident to point to the fact that though a fighter pilot had shot down Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, it did not end World War II. The same is true with bin Laden. Just because he was killed (and this writer believes the man was dead long ago), doesn’t mean there is not a threat.

Congressman West went a step further and said that Joe Biden wanted to tout the slogan that “Osama bin Laden’ is dead and base their entire foreign policy on that is “insane.”

West points out the similarities of Jimmy Carter and Obama in this instance and he said neither one was thinking about who would fill the void of the person they took out of power. Both administrations were/are dealing with Iran. Obama’s administration has aided in several Middle East government takeovers, including Libya and Egypt. When you start messing around with other governments the way we have, then it should be no surprise that you get the same types of people, or worse, in office there.

West goes on to point out that “history has show that radical Islamists are always looking to fill that gap.”

The congressman said that “foreign policy is: what are your strategic level goals and objectives in respect of the areas of responsibility.” He also included the areas around the world, including our own hemisphere and how we deal with friends and allies in the world, as well as, the stances we take against our adversaries.

Watch the interview below:

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