Allowing These Five Evils To Work In Society Without Resistance Is Complicity


In a previous article, we identified the Five Evils that are now attempting to rule the world. If you will, these five comprise the Mark of the Beast. This Mark of the Beast is not a true mark, but is simply a willingness to submit to the Beast. That is, the Mark of the Beast means accepting evil in order to continue buying and selling, to continue eating and drinking.

In this article, I will attempt to link the five current great evils with five ancient evils. These Five Evils constantly urge forward to take this world from Light, into Darkness. So, without further ado…

(1) Communism. The evil of Communism is rooted in wickedness. “Pure” Communism is Marxism, which calls for the destruction of all private property, the traditional family, and free religion. In every way, Communism is against Torah, that is, against God. At its root, then, Communism has no goodness. Further, the Communism of which we are mainly aware is Fascism, that is, a Minority Rule Oligarchy over a despondent and unarmed populace.

The ancient evil which predates Communism originated with the Tower of Babel, where they were of one language and one goal. Nimrod, their leader, was the first “Fearless Leader” of the communal state. The eventual end of the national project known as the Tower of Babel was that God caused a confusion of the people into various languages (or races, if you will). Why did God do this? Communism is at its heart anti-God, in that it exalts the “state” or “the people” over God. The goal of the Tower of Babel was to reach God, that is, to be equal with God. Furthermore, Communism is at its heart anti-Torah, in that it deposes the Ten Commandments, and in fact all commandments. The state is the Law.

Canaan was probably the precursor the Babel, and Canaan was cursed for the sin of Ham. Babel was the precursor of Babylon. Whether Babylon has or had communist leanings is up for grabs, but Babylon is the land of Baal, the devil of darkness. In any case, the Tower of Babel is the ancient wickedness that as Communism pushes forth from the blackness.

(2) New World Order. The New World Order is another word for Corruption. Corruption thrives within an environment of goodness, hiding and providing. Through manipulation of food and water supplies, energy resources, and communication, the New World Order corrupts all under its wing and umbrella to willingly give up true liberty for the security of comfort and perceived safety. But underneath this generous beneficence is the elitism that they are better than we, that they know better, and that we are no more than their sheep, and perhaps one day their servants.

The New World Order is rooted in a corrupted Torah. This manifests itself today as a rotten Christianity which permits decadence and hedonism, promoting slavery unto wicked authority rather than for standing against such oppression. But Judaism is also overthrown for secularism, causing the Judeo-Christian nations of the world to fall from Light and Salt into Darkness and Unsavoriness.

The ancient evil which produced the New World Order is the power structure of slavery. Here, we need look no further than Egypt, the empire that predated Abraham, which enslaved God’s people, and which, according to Torah, is forbidden to settle. The key element is Pharaoh. When Pharaohs dictate that their “pyramids” be built, and to their own glory, we are slaves to their blood lineage and to the concept that they are the gods they believe themselves to be.

Egypt, in the form of the technologically-advanced New World Order, is one of the two most powerful evils pushing forth today.

(3) Islamism. Islamism is the political system of Islam, of the Muslims. Their goal is a global caliphate. Islam is a wicked corruption of Torah, taking what is good and pure and making it without true justice or mercy. The Koran, the holy book of Islam, only upholds the brutality of Islamism, and is furthermore perverted by latter-day writings which make great perversions and hypocrisies within Islam. And it doesn’t help that Islamism is a nationalist movement that places the Arab as the master of the world.

Islam comes from Ishmael, son of Abraham, half-brother of Isaac. While God gives Ishmael a great blessing (oil?), he is also a “wild man” whose hand shall be against every man, including himself! It is this innate savagery which boils through in the present day, and no amount of education or money can make Ishmael anything but savage. Consider Mohammed, whose sensitivity is now a religious icon, to the extent that disparaging him in any way causes his acolytes to raise their bloody scimitar in rage.

Islamism is one of the two most powerful evils loose in the world today, and possibly, with its passion and numbers, the most powerful.

(4) Hedonism. There is no greater passion in the world today than the movement to be whatever you want to be. Under the guise of “democracy” (a misnomer, since true Democracy is Majority Rule), hedonists demand the right to abuse their own bodies in whichever manner suits them. They say “it’s none of anyone’s business if no one is getting hurt.” Regardless of the motivation or battle cry, Hedonism, espousing homosexuality and other sexual perversions, abortion, and single motherhood, is anti-Torah. The Hedonist might be Communist, hating or rejecting the God who forbids his or her behavior. Or, the Hedonist might be of New World Order, demanding the temples and churches of God change for the sake of “coexistence.”

Hedonism has obvious roots in Sodom and Gomorrah, the playground of the homosexual, the inhospitable atmosphere of those who tolerated anything except intolerance! However, before the salt pillars of Sodom’s destruction, the world was flooded for the same reasons of deathly decadence. Hedonism may perhaps also be blamed for Adam and Eve being ousted from Eden, the serpent itself being the originator of all this evil (though this concept touches on dualism and Gnosticism). The fires of Moloch, the pagan rituals of homosexuality, idolatry, adultery, and even child murder, are also strongly linked to Hedonism.

Hedonism is not an organized movement, but works in strong passion with whichever Beast shall provide the most “freedom” for its “members.”

(5) Crime. This category includes the street gangs, the mafias, and the cartels, as well as murderers, rapists, thieves, and other anti-Torah factions and individuals who do harm people directly. Further, Crime is involved in the machination of nations. Even the powerful American government is partly controlled by outside influences of Mexican, Italian, and other gangsters. That such thugs are subsumed within larger evils, such as the New World Order, does not negate that Crime is an independent agent of evil.

Crime began when Cain slew Abel. Thereafter, the blood of innocent victims cried out from the ground. If there is one thing which will destroy the Earth, perhaps even the universe, it is the many secret crimes committed for which no one has repented. The Mark of Cain was given by God to protect Cain, and at times we must wonder why, for the ilk of Cain was also not godly.

Today, in a world filled with Islamism, Communism, New World Order, and Hedonism, it is easy to forget that we are constantly stalked by criminals who want our property, our land, even our lives!

Conclusion. H.P. Lovecraft designed a literary mythos of “elder gods” and other entities who were banished from our dimension to a dimension outside of, yet parallel with, our own, and who wait patiently and constantly to enter back. Names such as Cthulhu and Yog-Sothoth conjure up visions of terrible hell and torment. In a very real manner, Lovecraft identified not just the lurking fears of mankind but also created a fictional manner by which to depict how evil pushes through the barrier into a world of Light to destroy it. We should take this allegory seriously.

One might ask, “What kind of God permits such things?” The answer is that God has not “permitted” but in fact forbids these things, through commandment of Torah. The existence of evil, however, is a necessity, for without it man has no free will nor any concept of what is good.

One might argue, “Then it is God’s fault for creating this system of yin and yang, of good and evil.” This argument, however, abdicates our responsibility as rational beings. If we are able to think such thoughts, we are able to make the world good rather than evil, if for no other reason than to fight the Darkness that God has supposedly created. But if we capitulate to Darkness, we are irrational, permitting destruction.

Finally, one might say, “It’s not up to me to right wrongs. God will take care of everything.” Again, this is abdication of rationality, and of responsibility for one’s own actions. For even if one is not a member of the Five Evils, refusing to fight actively against them is permission for Darkness to enter and destroy the realm of Light. We ought not be so eager to invite Judgment Day.

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