America: Silence Equals Complicity


Americans have been watching in absolute horror as the Islamic forces known as ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) have virtually retaken everything U.S. forces have secured in Iraq over the past decade. Over the past few years, we have seen our own government supply the very terrorists we have been fighting with arms and money, in their war efforts against Syria and Libya. It has turned into absolute mayhem as day after day we are seeing stories of Christians being slaughtered across the Middle East, and yet the world remains silent. We are on the verge of the next genocide as the situation in Iraq is likely to turn into the next “Cambodia.”

For those of you unfamiliar with the “killing fields” of Cambodia, here is a little history lesson. It was yet another instance in the twentieth century where communist forces attempted to purge their society of what they referred to as “undesirables.” The so called undesirables were actually those who were successful and able to think outside the box of communist propaganda. Take that to heart America, it isn’t all that different from having a president who follows this hardline “Marxist” ideology while constantly dividing our society into different economic classes. President Obama does nothing but antagonize and turn Americans against each other. For those who are awake it is all but obvious that the hardcore left is also looking to purge our society of those who stand in their way of creating the ultimate “state sponsored utopia.”

With that being said, the purging of Christians from the Middle East should be a wake up call to Americans. These same people have vowed to cross our unsecured border and slaughter as many people as they can here as well. Honestly, they don’t even have to cross our border illegally because they already work within the Obama administration. President Obama has consistently proven time and time again that he cares little for America as he seems intent on helping the Islamists establish their Middle Eastern caliphate. For those that think these words border on the conspiratorial, or make me an extremist I would like you to watch this video.

These are the folks that are promising to cross our borders America. If you haven’t been paying attention, Islamists in America have made great progress establishing themselves in this country. Everywhere you turn they are attempting to silence any opposition against their agenda. They are using tactics that attempt to humiliate you with accusations of bigotry and insensitivity. Our schools are inundating our children with the lies of multiculturalism, and silencing them through the false ideology of “white privilege education.” I have been warning my senators and congressmen of this for years and no one has done a thing. Their silence makes them complicit.

Watching this video, you have to wonder who really is responsible for the mass shootings taking place in America. Is it possible that they are the work of Islamists? Are they conducting these “mass shootings” in an effort to establish stricter gun control laws in order to make these types of attacks more likely to succeed unchallenged? It certainly is a possibility that could be entertained. Even if this isn’t the case, these types of attacks in America would certainly be used to disarm Americans and leave them helpless when in fact, our government should be calling us to arms to defend our borders. The current onslaught of attacks against our Second Amendment, and the false portrayal of gun owners as terrorists, only ensures that people will beg the government for total disarmament in the event these types of attacks occur.

Our president currently stands guilty of committing high treason. He is leaving our borders wide open in his grand “Cloward Piven” strategy of social change. He has released five of the worst terrorist prisoners without notifying the congress. He has funded and armed the very terrorists we have been fighting, rendering the service of those who have died for this nation’s liberty null and void. He is attempting to render us helpless through draconian gun control by lying to the uninformed about where the true threats to their safety really lay. He is allowing his Justice Department to mislead the American population by forming a task force to fight homegrown terrorists in America, which this administration has defined as Americans who believe in the Constitution and the Bible, and veterans returning home from combat. He attempts to portray all those opposed to his socialism as racist. This administration has taken from those who loyally execute their duties in service to the U.S. government and given it to those who have no desire to follow our laws, or assimilate into our culture. American servicemen and military veterans are under no obligation to follow the dictates of a government who has turned their back on them in this manner.

It is perfectly clear to all those paying attention what will unfold over the course of the next couple of years. For those Americans who refuse to hold Barrack Hussein Obama accountable for anything, the responsibility rests with you. For all the politicians who are absent in their duties to ensure our government remains a constitutional republic, the responsibility rests with you, especially if you are a so called conservative elected to office to stop this madness.  If you are an American who is unsure of what to believe at this point, I recommend you pick up a copy of the Constitution and learn the meaning of natural rights and think about what it means to be a free country. We need you to wake the hell up.

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