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It is not often that an average American can communicate with a Lord of England. I say this because of the many people I know, no more than 5 have actually communicated directly with the gentleman known as Lord Monckton. At this point an introduction to this great man is something deserved, even if it isn’t necessarily needed.

Lord Christopher Monckton, known in England as the Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, was born on February 14, 1952. Acclaimed occasionally as the “high priest” of climate skepticism, he prevented several government-level scientific frauds while serving as a Downing Street special advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, saving the British taxpayers billions of pounds.

In 1986 Lord Monckton was among the first to advise the Prime Minister that “global warming” caused by CO2 should be investigated. Two years later she made a speech predicting that temperatures would rise by 1degree centigrade per decade, and set up the Hadley Centre for Forecasting.

Both would later change their views on this topic based upon increasingly better and more reliable data a good part of which was generated through the Hadley Center itself. In 2006, a finance house, (Lord Monckton sent me the following quote below to confirm the Financial House and the papers he wrote along with some others he has written.) in London consulted with Lord Monkton on whether “global warming” would prove catastrophic. His 40 page report concluded that, though some warming could be expected, it would be both harmless and beneficial.

“The report to the finance house was posted on the Sunday Telegraph website for some years, but has been taken down now. So link instead to or to, where entering “Monckton” into the search field will pull up dozens of papers and articles by me. M of B” [M Of b stands for Monckton of Brenchley.]

It was Lord Monckton who discovered evidence of a well-funded clique of scientists, officials and politicians who had been manipulating data results to exaggerate the imagined (and imaginary) problem. Two weeks following his report, the Climategate emails confirmed the existence and identities of the clique he had named, revealing not only their questionable methods but also the close personal links between them. This can be verified at “The Lord Monckton Foundation Agaphesis.”

This background although abbreviated, gives an indication of Lord Monckton’s notable background, his influence, and his association with important people such as but not limited to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and the House of Lords in England.

I first had the opportunity to speak with Lord Monckton before a Tea Party Rally where I was using my lap top computer to “Skype” Lord Monckton to the crowd gathered for the rally. Having this ability, I was able to contact Lord Monckton once again and ask a few questions when I learned he had come to the United States to meet with Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona in late March this year in relation to the investigation of Barak H. Obama’s birth certificate.

With this in my mind, I decided to contact Lord Monckton via e-mail since one could never know for sure just where he may be at the time. I sent him a few questions and his refreshingly direct replies were very interesting (LP= Leon Puissegur & LMoB=Lord Monckton of Brenchley:

(LP) “How is the so-called “global warming” at Hadley Centre going?”

(LMoB) “The latest information from the Hadley Centre indicates that there has been no statistically-significant global warming in 15 years. The same is broadly confirmed by the two satellite datasets.”
(LP) “How about the Sea level ideas, concerning, according to Al gore and others, a rise of 27 feet in the next decade?”

(LMoB) “The latest information on sea level is to be found at the website of the Aviso Envisat satellite. In the eight years since the satellite began producing well-calibrated data, sea level has been rising at a rate equivalent to – wait for it, wait for it – 1.3 inches per century. Not feet per decade:inches per century.”

(LP) “Now, I just got word that you have met with Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona, what did you learn about President Obama’s “birth certificate?”

(LMoB) “The “birth certificate” on the White House website is a fake because, if opened in Adobe Illustrator, it separates itself into nine (9) layers, and the three date-stamps and the registrar’s signature stamp area are each on separate layers. This could not have happened if the document had been scanned directly from an original held in a bound volume. The document has been constructed step by step.”

(LP) “I also understand that you had an opportunity to discuss and see President Obama’s “selective service document”, what did you see with that document?

(LMoB) “The “selective service document” has a post office date-stamp bearing only the last two digits of the year. A valid date-stamp has four (4) digits for the year. There is also irregularities in the document locator number. Hawaii, at the time of the President’s “birth”, was notorious for the ease with which false documents could be issued. And the newspapers did not require production of a birth certificate before publishing notices.”
(LP) “Did you also have the opportunity to observe any documentation or facts in relation to President Obama’s “social security number?”

(LMoB) “The “social security number” of the President has not been issued by the social security administration. Two tests using the administration’s own database suggest that the number is bogus, and it would be unlawful for an employer to give work to the President on the basis of the number, which – among other things – bears a Connecticut prefix. The President has never lived in Connecticut and cannot validly have obtained a social security number from there.”

(LP) “Were you told of any other problematic questions associated with President Obama’s eligibility for office?”

(LMoB) “The President applied for and received a scholarship that was available only to students who were foreign, and were not citizens of the United States, though I have not yet seen definite confirmation.”
(LP) “Lord Monckton, given the document that were presented to and shown to you what are you observations to the theory presented before you by Sheriff Arpaio from Arizona?”

(LMoB) “All in all, there is a lot that is wrong. But the killer point is this. Given the doubt that Sheriff Arpaio has expressed about the “birth certificate”, all the President has to do is to invite the Health department in Hawaii to allow a team of independent forensic experts appointed by the Sheriff to have access to the original document on file in the bound volumes held in the vault. That would end all speculation. Yet the President has not acted. – M of B”

When I contacted Lord Monckton, I never expected such statements presented by him that seem to prove the “birth certificate” is a false document and that if the President would just allow a real investigation to end all speculation and end any questions about his eligibility. What he was availed in Arizona by the Cold Case Posse and Sheriff Arpaio is clearly convincing enough for him to make these statements.

Obama has decided to keep his secrets close to his vest, indeed, how he can reasonably expose his secrets without beginning what would be nothing short of a cascading and catastrophic undoing of everything he has done as president is? Mountains of undone paperwork aside, these are works he has based his “legacy” on as the first “black” president.

From Obama’s perspective, allowing the speculation to continue, fanning the flames of controversy, are preferable to exposure this much is obvious. Tragically, the flames he is feeding are consuming the constitution and the smoke is casting a depressing pall over America.

This is why so few are going after the facts dealing with the “birth certificate’. If Obama is a foreign national, it would make every law, executive order, and everything he signed or issued illegal as he presumably is.

This is a predicament that Congress does not wish to look into mainly due to the fact if Obama is found to be holding the position illegally, then both he and all he has signed into law are also illegal and this dismantles most of the work democrats created while holding control of 2/3rds of the government. Democrats in congress of course take a dim view of this.

I know some people will call Lord Monckton a crazy man, but he was Downing Street special advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher from 1979 to 1990 and that in itself is far more than what Obama was before taking the office of President. Lord Monckton himself is a champion debater at the very prestigious Oxford Union, a historical debate society founded in 1823. He has requested numerous debates of Al Gore, who has hidden and never found the courage to confront Lord Monckton on the debate field one on one regarding the scam of global warming.

It was Lord Monckton who discovered evidence of a well-funded clique of scientists, officials and politicians who had been manipulating data results to exaggerate the imagined (and imaginary) problem. Two weeks following his report, the Climategate emails confirmed the existence and identities of the clique he had named, revealing not only their questionable methods but also the close personal links between them. This can be verified at “The Lord Monckton Foundation Agaphesis.”

Given all the facts as revealed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and presented to Lord Monckton on his visit to the United States, it brings forth more unanswered questions about just who is the real Barak Hussein Obama. I have presented what I have discovered from a prestigious individual who has been presented the evidence itself in person, along with what he believes needs to be done to either answer these questions or allow them to be brought to the forefront.

I for one would like to have all these questions answered by people not associated with President Obama since the president himself does not seem truthful or willing to give accurate information concerning his true identity. President Obama has been known by an alias, Barry Soetoro. A man whom has used an alias in the past should be questioned with regard to it. Is it so outrageous to think a he is a fraud now? Questions, nothing but questions… all of which can be answered if Obama would merely do what a legitimate president should and answer them, allow a complete investigation without any sort of discrepancies.

Answers, that is all that is needed, yet nothing but questions remain.

Editor’s note: This is number three in a three part series. Read Part One. Read Part Two.

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