AN OPEN LETTER TO IVANKA TRUMP: Why American Mothers Must Fight Common Core to Save Our Children


Dear Ivanka,

We must meet. We have much to share. I recognize in you a quality I share myself – the natural, instinctive, and protective mother. This is something the progressives have been gnawing away at for years. The push for women to work outside the home, leaving their very young for others to raise, has left new mothers struggling with huge issues about getting to work on time, rushing to and from day care, feeding times, social activities, and what to do with a sick baby. Deciding how to balance, job and family, has become a front and center issue especially when you, first daughter to President Trump, have now pushed for universal daycare and paid pregnancy leave at the workplace while speaking at the Republican National Convention. The monetary aspects of free daycare and being paid while at home with your newborn is definitely helpful, but, the rewards of being a working mom does not soften the heartbreak of leaving that new baby with someone else to care for – I am sure you’ve felt this.

There is no doubt that ALL mothers feel the same pain when it comes to leaving their children to go to work. That feeling is universal even mothers in poor inner cities. Which brings us back to instinct: the innate quality to care for and love our children. You have posted darling Pinterest images showing doting parents hovering over their three darling children. Yes, we love our babies. This is why I’m writing to you.

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The Tenderness ‘n Tiger qualities of moms are sometimes referred to as TNT, which at times is aptly blurted out in the famous protective words, “Not with my child, you don’t.” Some moms have even been referred to as “Momma Bears.”

So, Ivanka, I’m going to tell you a story that might invoke the Momma Bear in you. I am hoping to appeal to the mom in you because I know you regard your children as precious. Daycare and Education is where the real battle is, and you dove into the midst of it. Please open your heart to America’s moms. Please listen to my story and learn from it.

Let me introduce Momma Bear Hoge. That’s me. I have been fighting for America’s children for over 30 years. I am a strong advocate for mothers and families. You are young but I am a grandma now. I suspect that there are many things that you don’t know about the plan for early childhood that has been put in place over the past few decades. I’d like to tell you what I know, some of it from firsthand experience. I am adamantly against Common Core and everything that is mandated along with it. My well-known story is long, but here is the short version.

My son was a guinea pig. Our state of Pennsylvania had done experimental psychological probing on children for many years. During the 1980s my son happened to be part of one a most disturbing testing psych program. I filed a federal complaint against this that wasn’t resolved until 1990. I fought at the local, state, and federal level because of the illegal testing and probing of my child.

What was wrong? The test my son took asked peculiar personal questions, and then asked children to role-play situations. Some of these hypothetical situations were even illegal acts like vandalizing. The children were required to answer what action they would take in these situations. (Yes, I have the documentation, the evaluations and the definitions that test makers were looking for, and the scoring of these behavioral tests.)

The test was skewed and scored towards a collectivist/group viewpoint. The data collected on these subject children would be used for developmental research on experimental techniques to change a child’s attitudes, values, opinions, beliefs, and dispositions. For example, if a child said they would not go along with the group, the answer was scored with a “0” unless punishment were incurred. Technically, the Pennsylvania Educational Quality Assessment, EQA, scored the individualistic and strong willed qualities of a child as a behavioral weakness. Formerly in America these qualities would have been viewed as positive attributes, strengths. Worse, the test makers wanted to know more – if the child were punished, would they obey? The punishment/negative questions were always scored with a point. (“Good dog, here’s your biscuit.”)

It turns out Pennsylvania was a national model in behavior modification to be used on America’s children. It was based on BF Skinner’s operant conditioning techniques to change a child’s “threshold” (what does it take to make a child change) by utilizing reward and punishment methods. Parents were deceptively told the goal was “Citizenship.” There were 12 goals; significantly 10 were in non-academic areas.

As Momma Bear Hoge I questioned the invasive assessment and I asked what the state had done with my child’s scored data. The conclusion to my complaint was that Pennsylvania had to withdraw the controversial test and proclaim never to do it again. Even though my complaint had proven that the EQA was really the TRIAL national test in the affective domain called NAEP, National Assessment for Educational Progress, the Pennsylvania Department of Education only got a slap on the hand, and a couple people were fired.

I further researched because I wondered what was done with the scored data on a child’s values, attitudes, beliefs, and dispositions. I soon learned that the required scored data was to be used to create a national clearinghouse. The research on children was collected in a national database to develop controversial curriculum to be used in the classrooms of America. This original behavior modification research forms the basis of behavior change that states began to use on children. The underlying philosophy was that no child should have moral absolutes. Therefore, the main objectives of the techniques and the curriculum would be used to challenge the child’s fixed beliefs. This taxonomy formed the basis of the “whole child” theory that believes that a child’s Head, Heart, and Hand must be controlled through behavioral objectives. This meant that God, family, and country was to be challenged at every turn – a politically correct educational indoctrination system was being perfected.

The theoretical basis of these behavioral objectives is as follows:

“A large part of what we call “good teaching” is the teachers ability to attain affective objectives through challenging the students’ fixed beliefs… a child is no longer truly using his higher order thinking skills until he no longer believes in absolutes of right and wrong.”
~Benjamin Bloom, Taxonomy of Educational Objectives.

Early on not all teachers or schools played into the controversial curriculum or teacher training. Experimental tests and curriculum were spotty at best. But the R & D system of cultivating the research, development, and dissemination network quickly spread across America as values curricula became more commonplace.

Throughout the 1990s another new name was placed on these techniques and curricula: Outcome Based Education (OBE). OBE advocated forcing individual children to meet state-prescribed individual behavioral standards – academics took a back seat to changing a child’s attitudes, values and beliefs. Concurrently, the Department of Labor released the goals they wanted for every child in America. Their manipulative manifesto is called SCANS, a future “human capital” portfolio which connected Labor to Education by defining what a child graduating from high school should “be like”. ACT and ETS had contracts to develop value-intrusive tests and devise proficiency levels for each personal “quality” area. Momma Bears fought this onslaught of regulations and killed the OBE state standards initiative… but not the continued research.

New names for this process over the years bounced from competency-based education, management by objectives, individual prescribed instruction, outcome-based education, but the standards stayed the same: interpersonal skills, self efficacy, responsibility, ethical judgment, honesty, GRIT, and more subjective standards. But, no one ever knew how these qualities were being scored. Academics were taking a back seat to all of this.

Next came a new name and a new push for this same initiative, called Common Core. The exact same concepts and standards were being pushed by an array of government-funded agents. ACT had the contract to develop the benchmarks for Common Core, and the CCSSO and the National Governors Association plotted to have states accept these new standards through a copyright that they did not even develop. Little did states realize that once they gobbled up “Race To The Top” funds, the Common Core copyright would be accepted. Money for this transformation poured in from foundations and businesses.

The power of the local districts began to be swept away toward Common Core standards. These standards were mandated to the individual child and controlled by the federal government. This power shift away from the local district was huge. Local districts, elected schools boards, and teachers were forced to accept these standards, which effectually evaporated local control and classroom teacher developed standards. Common Core started with watered down math and language arts, but expanded out to non-academic standards on values, attitudes, beliefs, and dispositions, exactly like the Pennsylvania test I had filed suit against.

Yes, the Pennsylvania Outcome-Based Education fiasco reappeared in Common Core, a manipulative and abusive net that would mandate that EVERY CHILD meet these nationalized standards and that every teacher be forced to teach to these nationalized standards that were being adopted in every state. Interventions were developed so that each child would have a specific plan to be individualized toward these government-prescribed standards for “human capital”. This offensive term for our children as “human capital” – especially to us Momma Bears – means worker drones. This is what the Department of Labor had originally envisioned. The data would evaluate the “worth” or “worthlessness” of each individual child to the economy; hence “human capital”. No longer was a child looked upon based on his/her learning potential and freedom of opportunity for upward mobility. Suddenly children were being forced to meet stagnant FEDERAL government “equitable” standards.

But, how would the government system force teachers to teach Common Core? A plan would have to be developed to force this agenda on the teachers and the schools. Here are the keys to that new process: President OBAMA expanded the state longitudinal data systems that would be used to monitor each individual child using his Executive Order 12866, mandating the exact same data elements be used for every state for computer retrieval. FERPA, Family Education Rights In Privacy Act, was broadened to allow state DOE’s to contract with 3rd party vendors to exploit personally identified information and personal data on our children. This weakened the protections of students and families. Datamining commenced and our kids’ private, sensitive, psychometric data was up for grabs for free to 3rd party vendors, foundations, businesses, and higher ed. Personalized curricula and software is constantly being researched. Common Core is big business and it is our children who are being exploited. Unique national ID’s were given to every child and every teacher.

President Obama then manipulated the numbers in Title I and lowered poverty guidelines to “0” so Common Core could be blanketed on ALL children and not just poor children. The mantra, “ALL CHILDREN are at-risk or becoming at-risk of meeting Common Core standards” became the catch phrase of everyday schools under the concept of “SCHOOLWIDE”. This means every child is touched by federal guidelines and Common Core, not just poor children. (SCHOOLWIDE is the eventual trap for so-called “CHOICE” stipends that your dad, President Trump, wants to use for the entire country. He may not be privy to the “money and Common Core that follows the child into a private or religious school” set up before he was elected. Perhaps you could talk to him. Government-controlled choice is not true parental freedom of choice in education.)

The picture of what is happening now is not pretty. Teachers are being monitored to be sure they teach the Common Core standards. Teachers are being trained by Special Education teachers, funded through IDEA, Individuals With Disabilities Education Act, to code children with mental health disabilities for not meeting Common Core mental health non-academic standards. Algorithms were developed by the National Center for Education Statistics and their watchdog, Institute for Educational Sciences, NCES/IES, to assure focus on identifying which child, teacher, or school are not meeting national standards. Intervention plans for each level (student, teacher, school) were developed and mapped out, forcing compliance toward this nationalized education system. Teachers are being fired. Schools are being taken over, called “turnaround” schools, and many have been turned into charter schools. This was all accomplished through the EO and the ESEA Flexibility waiver, and IDEA. The goal is to change our public school system into a nationalized system. But, not legally. These actions by President OBAMA were done without the legislative oversight of Congress.

The key to finalizing this process was accomplished with the legislative revision of ESEA that codified President Obama’s EO and the Flex Waivers. Senator Alexander, Congressman Kline, and Speaker Ryan betrayed parents and pushed the legislation ESSA, Every Student Succeeds Act, through the backdoor, with parents locked out of the process. Obama proclaimed it was a Christmas miracle, December, 2015. Both Republicans and Democrats rejoiced. (Your father cannot trust these Republicans!) Power was stolen from the people. Our children are now captive to federal crimes and parents have had no way to change the system. There is no local control. Congress has failed the nation’s children. Perhaps this tugs at your mama heartstrings. You are in a position you could make a difference.

What does ESSA legislation mean? Here are the most important points. You need to understand this:

  • Common Core is codified in every state that accepted Race to the Top funds. A state cannot change 85% of the standards. Only 15% are locally derived standards.
  • Non-academic government preferred values, attitudes, beliefs, and dispositions are mandated and referred to as social, emotional, and behavioral standards in the legislation.
  • Specific psychological techniques are written into the legislation that mandate these processes be used on our normal children with a 3-tiered technique to change their values and personalities. The psychological techniques are used on ALL children in the first tier. The more independent they are, or the more they hold fixed beliefs, the more the intensive interventions for that child. Other psychological techniques are named in the legislation: Response to Intervention, Multi-Tiered System of Support, Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports, Early Intervening Services, Universal Design for Learning.
  • Truly Special Education children, or a child with significant disabilities, must wait and go through this 3-tiered process (RTI) before signaling their rights for an evaluation for an IEP. This means that fewer children will be sent to Special Education, which skews the numbers. (See Pay For Success, using Special Education funding to have Special Ed children NOT to be evaluated as Special Education.)
  • Teachers will be forced to comply with the psychological interventions performed on our children, and are being trained in techniques to identify those (CHILD FIND) with mental health “deficiencies”. Thus they are engaging in intrusive psychological activities on our children that go far beyond their teaching certification and training. Teachers, often totally arbitrarily, monitor all actions and personal behavior of the children and code that behavior into in-depth reports. The process is called “fidelity”. (Please see the link for the BOSS phone app below of how teachers subjectively monitor normal children’s behavior in the classroom.)
  • Every school, every teacher, and every principal is monitored through data for efficient outcomes to meet government-prescribed standards. Compliance is mandated. Meanwhile the guru of the giant national data warehouse beast oversees the process (the IES government data watchdog).
  • The system was expanded to early childhood in daycare centers, and a degree qualification profile for higher education to monitor compliance to these PSYCHOLOGICAL standards.
  • Social, emotional, and behavioral conditioning for children (their values, attitudes, beliefs, and dispositions) were developed in early education and instituted in all Head Start programming, Pre-K Counts, and Pre-K Stars accepting Title I federal funds was a move away from teaching reading towards an emphasis on human development. Thus we now see the actual coding of baby behavior! I don’t know about you, but the Momma Bear in me finds this very offensive!
  • Teachers subjectively identify and code individual children (CHILD FIND using a unique national ID) and enter mental health personal data in the state data system, which is then transferred to the national repository through their state longitudinal data system, thus creating psychometric dossiers including biometric data on individual children ages 0-21.
  • These mental health codes allow school districts to apply for a partial hospitalization license to bill Medicaid for these “mentally deficient” children as a disability ages 0-21. School districts receive “free Medicaid money”, reimbursed for services that were identified under Special Education, IDEA. The more children identified (CHILD FIND) the more “free” money the school district is reimbursed for. This was an eventual promise to merge ObamaCare with Common Core ages 0-21.
  • Teachers as coaches will eventually be replaced by computers and ADAPTIVE TUTORING software funded by the U.S. Army. The researched computer programming is doing the job of a teacher to change values, attitudes, beliefs, and dispositions through predefined government standards embedded in software and games, with a threshold of total compliance or recycling through the system until the child adapts to those government standards. Fait accompli.

The future of our American children cannot be thoroughly defined by words. But, the writing is on the wall, Ivanka. Oppression comes to mind. This system has been put in place to control the population, to control our children, to condition their personalities not to fight against the system. It is group think and group action. We can see it in the riots in the streets across America. These young people were the experimental children of the OBE era who were trained through operant conditioning groupthink methods to hate America. It is working.

But the difference today is that the Common Core system will start when the child is born. Daycare centers are being trained in CHILD FIND techniques to control our babies, Common Core conditioning for our babies starting as early as toddlers and continuing through high schools and colleges. Our freedoms will soon be a memory if babies are conditioned by these BF Skinner methods, continuing through K-12 into college. The country that we had the pleasure to grow up in will be lost. Would you want your babies to be subjected to these intrusive, privacy-violating, compulsory methods? Hardly!

Moms across America need your help, Ivanka.

Please read the documentation below. Pennsylvania is the model. I know you would despise the techniques used on babies and our children. That’s why I am reaching out to you.

I want to present the tests to you so you can understand the implications for our children in the daycare centers across America. I know, as a mother, you are strong enough to help America’s moms and their children. Pray for our babies. Help to stop this madness.


Anita B. Hoge

Part 2


Memo: The following documentation proves that Pennsylvania is a major player in the psychological manipulation of children in the United States. This must be stopped.

Pennsylvania Parents Fight Back:

March 4, 2015 Press Release noted:SENATOR BOB CASEY (D PA)  pushes his “Federal Template” for Universal Pre-K to be attached as an Amendment to the Reauthorization of ESEA, No Child Left Behind


“Additionally, as Congress moves toward a reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Casey unveiled new legislation, the Continuum of Learning Act, which could be offered as an amendment and would strengthen coordination and alignment between early childhood programs and elementary schools. As universal pre-k advances in states like Oklahoma and New York, Casey’s bill is set to serve a federal model.”

Since Pennsylvania is a federal template for psychological social, emotional, and behavioral conditioning and remediation/treatment in the affective domain (attitudes, values, beliefs, and dispositions), I have included an activity from the Pennsylvania PATTAN, Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network, that trains our teachers how to implement treatment for babies in the Functioning Behavioral Assessment : (Source: Pennsylvania Functional Behavioral Assessment:

Page 27.

Pennsylvania’s Intervention “Federal Template” For All States

Documentation of Teacher Interventions and Psychological Treatment

Source: Data Based Individualization, Intensive Interventions;  pp. 3-6:

Source: CHILD FIND; How To Find Children In Your Classroom With Emotional Disturbances, An Inservice For Teachers:

Source: Vanderbilt’s Pyramid Model of Social & Emotional Development for Babies: )

Source: Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports PBIS: Overview of waiver principles, Implementation Blueprint:

Source: Response to Intervention:

Source: Training:

Source: Scoring Rubric and Teacher Training:

Source: Functional Behavioral Assessment:

Source: SAS Pennsylvania Portal: Interpersonal Skills:

Source: Behavioral Observation of Students in School, BOSS, Pearson: User Guide, Lehigh University: (see pages 22-24 for teacher observation deciding normal behavior in the classroom is deficient.)

How To Record Student Behavior:

Source: RTI: implementation Guide:

Source: Penn Resiliency Program, aligned to the PA Interpersonal Skills; Linked: , ,

Source: Angela Duckworth GRIT Scales:

Source: State Implementation Plan Part C: Data Collection on Infants and Toddlers; Office of Child Development in Early Learning:

Pages 23-26-Social and Emotional Learning; Ounce Assessment, (infant)Pearson

Source: Philadelphia Kindergarten Entry Inventory;

Source: How to Enter Student Data;

Source: Kindergarten Entry Inventory Manual;

Example of a Common Core High School Activity: “Think Like A Nazi”:

Summary: Students in some Albany High School English classes were asked this week as part of a persuasive writing assignment to make an abhorrent argument: “You must argue that Jews are evil, and use solid rationale from government propaganda to convince me of your loyalty to the Third Reich!”

Students were asked to watch and read Nazi propaganda, then pretend their teacher was a Nazi government official who needed to be convinced of their loyalty. In five paragraphs, they were required to prove that Jews were the source of Germany’s problems.

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