Angola Bans Islam – Sets to destroy all Mosques


While some people do not understand what Islam is, some obviously do. Take for instance the African country of Angola. The authorities in Angola do not consider Islam a religion, but rather a cult (and I would add, a death cult). What brings them to this conclusion? They are witnessing just what true Islam is all about as massive numbers of Christians are slaughtered in Africa as the Qur’an teaches them to do, and the authorities are taking steps to prevent them from doing it in Angola. The authorities have now banned Islam and are in the process of destroying all mosques in the country. Imagine that, an African country that prohibits Islam inside its borders and then takes a step to remove their barracks (mosques).

Xibaaru, a French publication, reports (translation):


President of Angola Eduardo dos Santos

In early October 2013 the Muslims especially the majority of Guineans living in Luanda in the municipality of Viana Zango es were shocked to see the minaret of their mosque dismantled into pieces on the ground that it was done wrong and mounted without permission. On Thursday 03 October in the morning, the Angolan authorities decided to destroy the mosque Zango located in the urban district of Viana 17 km. The governor of Luanda Bento announced in a radio spot that radical Muslims are not welcome in Angola and the Angolan government is not ready for the legalization of mosques in Angola.

And before yesterday, Tuesday, November 19, is the minister of culture of the country that shows the radicalization of the country in the face of Islam. Minister of Culture, Rosa Cruz e Silva said: “As regards Islam, the legalization process has not been approved by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, their mosques would be closed until further notice.”

It should be noted as the Angolan government has promised to drop all mosques a priority. The only two mosques are located in Luanda have already received a warning document administration Viana signed by the mayor of the municipality of Viana José Moreno. 

Another French publication Poste de Veille adds (translation):

The provincial governor of Luanda, Bento Bento, said on the airwaves of local radio that “radical Muslims are not welcome in Angola and the Angolan government is not ready for the legalization of mosques.”

There are some days, it was the turn of the Minister of Culture, Rosa Cruz e Silva, announced: “With regard to Islam, the legalization process has not been approved by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, like other faiths in the same situation, the temples would be closed until further notice.” She explained that the law on freedom of religion will be reviewed given the current national context, noting that the Government will redouble its efforts to fight relentlessly against religious sects, cults are contrary to the customs of Angolan culture. The only two mosques are located in Luanda received a warning document of the municipality of Viana to close their doors.

This disproportionate action taken by the Angolan Head of State information of a desire to guard against the rise of the Wahhabi ideology that has done a lot of havoc in Africa and elsewhere. And as rightly explained Tunisian philosopher Mezri Haddad: “Islamism and Islamophobia feed each other. Worse, long-term Islamism as an ideology destroy Islam as religion. “

Unlike other countries in Africa that have been overrun by Islam, Angola is 95% Christian and less than 5% Muslim. According to Africalap, Muslims comprise between 2.5 to 3 percent of the overall population of Angola’s 17 million people.

It seems that America could learn a thing or two from Angola, if we would stop putting Islamists in seats of power and start removing them. The population of Islamists in America is much smaller than that and could be dealt with easily as we have pointed out before. Instead, we have been catering the Islam, rather than despising it for what it is: an ideology and political movement founded by a demon possessed, murdering, thieving pedophile.

You could say Angola’s leadership has cajones, and I, for one, applaud their decision not to let the servants of the devil practice their ideology in their country.

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UPDATE: Angola now denies they are banning Islam. International Business Times reports:

Angola became a hot topic in the international media over the weekend, as news outlets around the world wrote about reports that the Southwest African nation had banned Islam and had begun to dismantle mosques.

But an official at the Angolan Embassy in Washington, D.C., who did not want to be identified while discussing the sensitive matter, said that there is no such ban and that the reports are erroneous.

“The Republic of Angola … it’s a country that does not interfere in religion,” the official said via telephone Monday afternoon. “We have a lot of religions there. It is freedom of religion. We have Catholic, Protestants, Baptists, Muslims and evangelical people.”

A second official at the Angolan Embassy in the U.S. reiterated that the diplomatic seat has not been made aware of any ban on Islam in the country.

“At the moment, we don’t have any information about that,” the official told IBTimes via phone on Monday. “We’re reading about it just like you on the Internet. We don’t have any notice that what you’re reading on the Internet is true.”

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