Bloomberg Runs Anti-Gun Ads In The Heart Of Dixie


New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is spending $12 million on attack ads designed to force U.S. senators to vote for national gun control laws that will supposedly save lives. However, the New York mayor’s commercials running in 13 states over the next two weeks could cause injury or death by showcasing irresponsible handling of a firearm.

Mr. Bloomberg’s organization, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, produced two ads featuring a man holding a shotgun, wearing plaid flannel with a camouflage cap and sitting on the tailgate of a pickup truck.

While a child swings on a tire in the background, the man says,

“I support comprehensive background checks so criminals and the dangerously mentally ill can’t buy guns.”

The ads being run by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group features an actor being made to look like a total rube (apparently this is how Bloomberg’s group sees advocates of the 2nd amendment.)

The actor in the Bloomberg anti-gun ad should learn proper gun-handling safety, because he certainly isn’t practicing it. The bewhiskered gentleman, supposedly a gun enthusiast, regales us from the tailgate of his pickup truck about the need for more gun laws all while sitting there with his finger on the trigger.

That’s a big no-no for anyone who knows anything about gun safety. It also makes it kind of hard to believe that this guy is the gun owner he says he is. Let’s hope that weapon wasn’t loaded, and that nobody was standing downrange from it.

Anti-gun Mayor Michael Bloomberg began running statewide ads in Georgia this past week targeting U.S. Senators, Johnny Isakson and Saxby Chambliss. 

He believes both could abandon their supposedly “pro-gun” positions to vote for Barack Obama’s expanded background checks, so-called “gun trafficking” legislation and new “mental health screenings” which could disarm hundreds of thousands, if not millions of our nation”s veterans.

You would expect Isakson and Chambliss to fighting tooth-and-nail to oppose Obama’s anti-gun agenda.

According to Georgia Gun Owners stated,

“But the reports we’re hearing here at GGO Headquarters from our members across the state and allies in Washington, D.C., is that both Senators are giving weak-kneed responses when asked if they will OPPOSE gun control at every opportunity.

In fact, Johnny Isakson was recently bragged that he supported the NRA’s expanded background checks in 1995 and would have to “wait and see what the final product is.”

Citizens should be willing to contact these representatives and insist they oppose the motion to proceed on Harry Reid’s gun control bill,S.649, and support Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee’s filibuster.

Call Senator Isakson: 202-224-3643

Call Senator Chambliss: 202-224-3521

Senator Johnny Isakson will be holding a town hall meeting in Douglas, GA on Wednesday April 3, 2013 at South Georgia College from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

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