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Both Texas and Arizona have battles against the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) following a local Oregon PANDA (People Against the NDAA) chapter’s march in orange jumpsuits against the Federal legislation that claims it can indefinitely detain American citizens without due process simply on the mere accusation of association with terrorists. Anti-NDAA legislation is just one of many nullification bills that are cropping up against tyrannical Federal government laws.

First up is Texas. They say you “Don’t mess with Texas.” Well State Representative Lyle Larson still believes in that saying as he pushes HB149 to the House Floor. The design of the bill is to counter the indefinite detention provisions, sections 1020 and 1022, of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act.

Of course the sections violate over 13 provisions of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

According to PANDA, “Rep. Larson’s bill, once amended, will protect the people of Texas from indefinite military detention and extrajudicial assassination without charge or trial. However, we have to get it through Committee first.”

Texans can contact representatives, who are members of the Texas House Federalism and Fiscal Responsibility, and let them know that you expect them to vote “Yes” on HB149 by going here.

Arizona is another state with legislation that could potentially be the first state in the Union to enact real protections for its citizens against the NDAA. HP2573, introduced by Representatives Carl Seel, passed Committee last month by a vote of 6-2 and passed the Rules Committee on Monday.

There is one obstacle in HB2573’s way. “Representative Andy Tobin is currently blocking HB 2573 from receiving a full House vote,” writes Dan Johnson. “He is willing to kill protection for the people of Arizona, and allow the Federal government to trample the rights of his constituents.”

Contacting Representative Andy Tobin and admonishing him to vote in favor of the bill would be in your best interest if you are a citizen of Arizona. His contact information can be found here.

Finally, on March 3, 2013 citizens in Oregon teamed up via Facebook and held an “Orange-Jumpsuit March.” As one member of the team dressed up in military garb led two others in orange jumpsuits around, hundreds watched. Other members handed out information encouraging those who received it to become informed and involved in pushing for NDAA nullification legislation at the state level.

Dan Johnson spoke with one of the members of the group named Shane, which you can listen to here and the video of the event is below.

It is citizens and representatives such as these who will win the day. The ability to turn the tide is in your hands. Are you sitting on them or using them to further the cause of liberty?

UPDATE: Thanks to your responses, Mr. Tobin has decided to support the bill, even though it was watered down by RINOs.

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