Anti-Semitic Outrage: UK Cameraman Anthony Aurelius "I Don't Blame Hitler"


Anthony Aurelius is a British videographer. Last year, he filmed the wedding of Stan Gocman and Claudia Ressler. When they finally got their wedding video, they heard something no one should ever be subjected to. Aurelius apparently didn’t realize that he had recorded his own disgusting, foul, Nazi sympathizing, anti-Semitic rant, and that it was sent to the couple. Anti-Semitism is out of control the world over. This is how Hitler gained his foothold. It could easily happen again before anyone realizes it.

Stan Gocman and Claudia Ressler

This is pure, unadulterated hate. Adorable newlyweds Stan Gocman and Claudia Ressler had to wait almost an entire year to get their wedding video from videographer Anthony Aurelius. That didn’t derail their excitement. But, they had no idea the horror that would await them when they actually watched the tape. No one could have imagined the vile hatred that spewed from Aurelius’s mouth as he vented to an assistant, who didn’t stop the tirade.

The assistant actually contributed to this verbal assault on the newlyweds, as they bantered back and forth. The assistant, who wasn’t named, is just as guilty as Anthony Aurelius for this outrageous attack.

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Can anyone imagine the shock and outrage after waiting an entire year to get the wedding video and hearing a man curse you and your people? And not just that, but to actually sympathize with the Hitler, the man responsible for the Holocaust? For the murder of over 6 million Jews? But he goes there.

 At one point, Aurelius can be heard telling his assistant: “I don’t think I blame Hitler (for the Holocaust).”

He then launches into a vile attack on bride Claudia and her guests, muttering: “Some of the Jewish women are very beautiful to look at.

“But I can tell you, they’d be right f***ing cows. Very f***ing snooty, they’d be a pain in the arse.

“Not a very attractive bride at all.”

He adds: “There’s not a lot of niceness about them is there? Very little warmth.”

To show the depth of his depravity, he actually sent the couple a tape of another wedding. And when the RIGHT tape finally arrived 9 months later, it was a mess. They had to pay extra to get the unedited version, and this is what they got. And they had no idea that this rant was in the video until they got the final cut.

At one point on the unedited reel, Aurelius was heard to say: “Mental, Israeli dancing, isn’t it? There’s a real feeling of like, they’re better than everybody else. Jewish.”

His assistant said: “That’s why Holocaust.”

Mr Aurelius replied: “I don’t think I blame Hitler” as he filmed the bride from only a few feet away.

Mr. Aurelius could use a history lesson. The scariest part about this is that history has a way of repeating itself. With the Islamic infiltration of Europe and America, another Holocaust is more than possible. With ant-Semitic acts running rampant across Europe and in the United States, often unreported, Hitler’s diatribe is alive and well. To say it could never happen again is more than naive. It can and it will.

The couple have issued statements about the ordeal.

Accountancy firm worker Stan, 28 and fashion buyer Claudia, 27, from Edgware, London, say Aurelius has ruined their precious memories.

Claudia added: “It’s completely anti-semitic and ignorant. At first, I was really upset – but then I was furious.

“He’s a disgusting little man. I can’t even stand to watch the video, it makes me so angry.

“I picked his basic package and he held a vendetta.”

This is a hate crime. He should be groveling to them on his knees. He echoed Nazi sympathy and agreement with Hitler. All he did in return was give them a full refund for a shoddy recording job to begin with. And offer a halfhearted apology.

This is hatred spreading like an out of control wildfire. It’s everywhere. Will we not see the signs before it’s too late? With the Islamic worldwide invasion, the full picture becomes distorted. And clouds everyone’s vision.

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