Anti-theist's Provocative Billboard Gets The Wrong Type of Attention


I do not want to sound like I do not want all people to be able to express themselves, but there is a little hint of hypocrisy in an American Atheist billboard.

It has been adjudicated over and over that the Christian religion is to be kept at home and in the closet. Atheists do not want the Christian religion forced down their throat and in their face.

But this same group would like for you to be reminded that Christmas is for everyone. They want to promote the idea that you can celebrate the birth of Christ our Savior without believing that you need a Savior or that there is a God at all.

NBC4 reports:

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There were new billboards up along Interstate 25, in Colorado, that caught the eyes of drivers Monday.

The billboards were put up by the American Atheists.

They say, “Go ahead and skip church! Just be good for goodness sake. Happy holidays!”

The message caused a stir for some.

And what is the point? Why have these atheists purchased the space and created these ads in both Colorado Springs and Raleigh NC?

NBC4 continues:

“We’re trying to be inclusive of everyone in Christmas and saying that anyone can celebrate it. It shouldn’t be viewed strictly as a Christian holiday,” said American Atheists spokesman Randy Gotovich.

But there is a problem that the atheist have missed or ignored. What is “good?” Where have they gotten such an idea? Who determines good and how do we know? You see, if we are mere accidents of nature with no intentionality, then we cannot trust that we know anything. If we cannot trust that we know anything, we surely cannot discover the quality of good.

So, the atheist should not be angered by the latest development with their billboard.

NBC4 reports:

A controversial billboard along I-25 in Colorado was once again at the center of attention.

Now, it’s vandalized. The vandal wrote in red paint, “God’s not dead.”

“Most people see it for what it is, just a despicable, hateful act and it’s not just atheists saying that either, because an act like this doesn’t do much for the image of good honest Christians who would never do such a thing,” said Randy Gotovich, the Colorado regional director of American Atheists.

The reaction of the atheists is telling and proves my point. They know that there is a right way to act and a wrong way to act.  This was clearly a wrong act, but they cannot tell you why it is so.

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