Are Conservatives Legitimizing Hillary Clinton’s Campaign?


Hillary Clinton’s campaign is clearly a media production. It doesn’t really have any validity to it at all. We’ve already shown that over half of her Twitter followers are fake and that he campaign kick-off drew more reporters than voters. However, it’s the legitimizing of her campaign after all of the years of corruption during the time she and her husband Bill spent in the White House during the 1990s and the time they were in the governor’s mansion in Arkansas that is so problematic. Sadly, the “conservatives” are the ones legitimizing her campaign along with the state-controlled media.

The Sons of Liberty Radio show host Bradlee Dean pointed this out this week.

“Some of these guys have been in government for twenty to thirty years and they’re still there,” Dean said. “And they’re there because of the conservatives of the day that get you off of the talking points.”

During the show, Dean listed 147 people closely tied to the Clintons or were prepared to expose their crimes who died during their time in Arkansas and the White House. He also pointed to the infamous Clinton Chronicles.

Many of those deaths are chronicled in Richard Poe’s book Hillary’s Secret War.

“If America was to see these crimes that have been committed against innocent people that were there to expose the Clintons for who they were, and the American people were to catch wind of all these dead bodies around this administration, do you think they would legitimize her campaign?” he asked. “But the conservatives are.”

Dean then recounted about listening to the radio and how multiple conservative outlets and pundits were doing that very thing.

“They were magnifying her campaign more than MSNBC, ABC, CBS News,” Dean said in a frustrated tone. “The Left as you call it, they don’t have to do anything. Just leave it up to the conservatives to do it to themselves because they are.”

Dean says that the conservative’s actions boil down to sympathy for the devil.

“They are setting the American people up for their own demise,” he warned. “I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but isn’t everybody… sick and tired of the establishment? And if they are, then why is it that the conservatives are putting the establishment back up again?”

I do agree that many who claim to be conservatives, but are not, are actually part of the problem. As a good friend of mine, Jerry Johnson, has pointed out in the following video, so-called conservatives have not been very good at conserving anything. In fact, he recounts the thirty years since Ronald Reagan won the White House in 1980. I think you will be shocked, or maybe not so much, at what we have failed to accomplish.

This isn’t to say there are not people who actually hold to the ideals that Johnson points to in the video. They most certainly do. I do. He does. Many of you do, but the reality is that those who are supposed to serve the people give us the rhetoric we want to hear, but in actions they are not so courageous.

As far as I can tell, Johnson’s brief history lesson demonstrates the very truth of what Bradlee Dean has been saying all along. If all the “conservatives” of the day are doing is providing rhetoric rather than bringing forth resolve and justice, are they not doing the same thing as those that remain silent with their actions? I think so.

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