Are We Embracing Diversity and Tolerance or Committing Treason?


Political Islam is not a religion. It is a political system that disguises itself as religion in order to achieve its ultimate goal: to conquer and subjugate the entire world to Sharia law through terror. Political Islam’s modern-day method of accomplishing this goal is to use the laws of free nations to their advantage in order to further their political agenda.

Political Islam has enslaved civilizations for over 1400 years. Most were subjugated by violence. However, in recent history this ideology has seized control of western nations by incremental stages. The first stage is accomplished through propaganda. This repeated method of deception used in European nations has been deliberately ignored in today’s politically correct rhetoric.  

Over the centuries, political Islam’s end game has not changed. All who are not of its ideology must ultimately die or be enslaved to obey Sharia.

America won a war with Islamic terror once before when Thomas Jefferson fought the war of the Barbary Pirates in Tripoli, which ended in America’s victory in 1796 and established our Naval forces. Jefferson was a well-know pacifist, yet he knew Islamic terrorists were dangerous foes. Their defeat was as essential to liberty then as it is now. Because of America’s initial show of strength, Islamic terrorists did not attack Americans again until the Iran hostage crisis during the Carter administration.

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Today, Americans are force-fed political Islam’s “kinder, gentler” political propaganda through government agencies and a media bent on “diversity and tolerance” toward an enemy who has sworn to conquer and subjugate America and the world. The dishonesty of this political correctness undermines the safety and security of all Americans.

We lose the war on terror when we foolishly believe that if we become “kinder and gentler” toward warmongers, our enemies will somehow morph into our allies. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our tolerance of their culture’s unwillingness to assimilate as Americans is seen as weakness in their eyes. The current violent aggressions against France and other western nations are proof of their contempt for demonstrations of weakness. Their deliberate, gradual deception gained them admittance to western nations and provided the opportunity for violence against their gracious hosts.

If Americans are not aware of the TRUE history of political Islam’s more than 1400-year progression, we create an uninformed culture vulnerable to fall for the subtleties of an incremental take-over.  Most Americans are completely unaware they have already embraced aspects of political Islam’s deception. It is this political ideology that wrote the chapter called “The Nation of Islam” in America’s textbooks imposed on our public schools, full of lies, sugarcoated deceit, and bias.  The very title is a lie. There is no recognized “nation of Islam.”

Cathy Hinners is an expert on Islamic terrorism and advisor to Homeland Security and law enforcement agencies across the U.S. Hinners writes “The marriage of groups like the Muslim Brotherhood to American government agencies and non-profits are rapidly expanding and dismantling American cities, all under the guise of diversity and inclusion. For whatever reason, the Muslim Brotherhood in America is viewed as a moderate group whose supporters are looked upon as religious, peace-loving Muslims that want to co-exist, bringing peace and harmony to all. Welcoming what appears only to be incremental, insignificant changes, scores of Americans feel compared to what other terrorist organizations are doing, the Brotherhood is a lesser of evils, therefore it has been widely accepted.”

We are at war. That war is with political Islam, deceptively disguised as a “peaceful religion.” With a form of war breaking out in streets across America, the last thing Americans needs is to allow a subversive war to take place in the hearts and minds of our children in the classroom.  

Hinners continues, “In the Muslim Brotherhood manifesto, ‘An Explanatory Memorandum on The Strategic Goal for the Group in North America‘ it outlines the agenda of ‘coming from within’ to overtake the United States of America. The plan is to infiltrate key areas where they can effect change, including EDUCATION, CHURCHES and GOVERNMENT.”

Citizens must have zero tolerance for those who would promote any brand of deception in an attempt to destroy America’s foundations, especially the Islamic indoctrination of our children, distributed at our expense through public schools.

A 2013 article in The Report Card titled “Pearson’s Muslim Biased Textbooks and Libyan Ownership” explains how political Islam has gained a controlling interest in Pearson and other textbook publishing giants which produce the materials for American schools and are promoted by CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations). “Muslim Brotherhood documents seized by the FBI and presented at the 2008 Holy Land Foundation Trial in Dallas, Texas revealed a plan by Muslim Brotherhood and their subsidiary organizations, like CAIR, to penetrate and indoctrinate American K-12 students.”  

“The judge in the Holy Land trial ruled there was ample evidence uncovered by the FBI proving that CAIR had funded terrorism through Hamas, which is designated a terrorist organization by the U.S. and a multitude of other countries.  These organizations have infiltrated American public schools through the propaganda promoted in our children’s textbooks.” –Oct 2015 Freedom Outpost

When school boards approve of such materials, they are promoting the agenda of political Islam, whether they know it or not.  Is federal funding more important to local school boards than the truth?  Than national security? Using tax dollars against the citizens’ will to legitimize the deception and advance the agenda of our sworn enemy is the very definition of treason.

The growing threat of terrorism against peaceful Americans must provide the common ground to unite us against the insidious nature of political Islam, whether Christian, Muslim, any other faith or background.

Now is no time to be politically correct. Terrorists who refer to America as “The Great Satan” do not deserve America’s respect and empathy. They have declared war on us. Their deception does not deserve a place in our schools.

*Article by James Wilson

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