Attorney General Eric Holder: Amnesty Is A Civil Right


Barack Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder recently made remarks in an April 24, 2013 speech to the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) Awards Gala, in which he stated, “creating a mechanism for [illegal aliens] to earn citizenship and move out of the shadows… is a matter of civil and human rights.”

MALDEF has recently sued Sheriff Joe Arpaio and have been engaged in opposing Arizona’s immigration law. The organization was began with assistance from the Ford Foundation, and help from other civil rights groups, such as LULAC and the NAACP.

One of the issues Holder brought up was his claim that the federal government would be working hard “to safeguard the rights of language minorities.”

According to the Voting Rights Act (VRA), “language minorities” is the term used to define “people who are of American Indian, Asian American, Alaskan Native or Spanish heritage” and the VRA “requires jurisdictions with significant language minority populations to provide non-English ballots and oral voting instructions.” Special groups were selected for favoritism by the federal government, in part, because “[t]here wasn’t evidence of other groups having difficulty voting.”

AG Holder said, “[I]t is long past time to reform our immigration system in a way that is fair; that guarantees that all are playing by the same rules…”

However, Mr. Holder is one that is not intent on everyone playing by the same rules. He has openly attacked Voter ID laws in several states that would have made everyone play by the same rules.

In fact, he even pointed to this as one of the things that MALDEF has worked towards. He said the organization has helped to “bring about meaningful changes – from America’s schools and workplaces, to our housing and lending markets, border areas and immigrant communities” and that their “efforts are continuing to make a powerful difference – particularly when it comes to our ongoing struggle to safeguard the single most fundamental, and most powerful, right of American citizenship: the right to vote.”

But here is the issue. He convolutes what is taking place here. The right vote comes with citizenship. However, those who have broken the law and entered the country illegally, by law, should not be allowed to become citizens and therefore should not be allowed to vote. Illegals who enter into America have no rights as citizens here. The only right they have is the right to be arrested and deported, nothing more.

Holder also gave the audience a warm, fuzzy comment about how we deal with illegals around us. “”The way we treat our friends and neighbors who are undocumented – by creating a mechanism for them to earn citizenship and move out of the shadows – transcends the issue of immigration status. This is a matter of civil and human rights.”

Now, if you have not been following closely to how the media is attempting to ride shotgun with the current administration, you’ll recognize that Holder does not use the term “illegal aliens” in his entire speech. Rather, notice how he uses the word “undocumented.” My fellow Americans, these people are criminals! Both of them: Holder and the illegals! They are not undocumented. They are law breakers and yet, the Obama administration says they have a right to become citizens of America after openly breaking our laws. I suppose if Barack Obama and Eric Holder got away with it, they think these illegals can as well.

John Bennet writes,

Steven Camarota of the Center for Immigration Studies tells WND, “[T]he idea that people have a right to come and live in the United States is very problematic.”

He points out that, for centuries, sovereign nations have regulated “who may enter their territory.”

Camarota also rejects the “rights” language because amnesty favors non-citizens at the expense of citizens, particularly those who are less affluent.

For instance, three members of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights recently wrote to the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, warning her of the harmful impact amnesty would have on the black community.

Amnesty “will likely disproportionately harm lower-skilled African-Americans by making it more difficult for them to obtain employment and depressing their wages when they do obtain employment,” the letter cautioned.

However, Holder is not concerned about real American citizens, nor those who have become citizens legally. No, this Attorney General could care less for the law. He would rather reward those that break it. “Far too many people are relegated to living in the shadows – without the rights, dignity, and legal protections they deserve,” he said. Legal protections they deserve? They are openly breaking the law and Holder is aiding and abetting them!

Holder advocated the immigrant “dream” saying that immigrants are driven by a “hope for a better life and their dream for a brighter future for their children.”

Well, who can argue with that? I certainly won’t argue with that, but what I do argue with is those that take it upon themselves to openly break the law, then demand to be rewarded for it, and those in power politic in order to garner votes for their team, instead of looking out for the well-being of America. Clearly, I don’t think there is an American citizen alive who doesn’t understand that immigrants come here all the time legally who are productive and actually contribute greatly to America and don’t seek to change the culture, but seek to fit in. The illegals in our culture are not such and they demonstrate that in the first actions that make here and that is in breaking the law.

These comments should fit right in with what the Gang of Eight are attempting to pull on the American people. Any and all supporters of their immigration bill should be considered a threat to our nation and the legislation itself should be considered an attack on the United States, for it is simply legalizing a foreign invasion of millions.

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