Baby Mahdi: Newborn Deemed Hezbollah's Youngest "Resistance Fighter"


How young is too young to indoctrinate a child into the death cult of Islam? Apparently, for one newborn baby boy in Lebanon, the moment of his birth was when he was deemed a “resistance fighter” for the Islamists of Hezbollah. Named Mahdi, after the prophesied Shiite reedemer, he is officially a terrorist. “A majority of Shiite Muslims traditionally believe that the “12th Imam” (Islamic religious leader), born in 868 A.D., was placed by God into hiding (known as occultation) until the day of judgment. This man will come to show them the way, because the prayer of every Muslim five times a day … ends with ‘Show us the right path, not the path of those who have incurred your anger or those who are lost, but those upon whom grace has come.” Hezbollah has found it’s newest “Mahdi,” literally.

Islam is a perversion of the gospel of Jesus Christ, just as the “Mahdi” is a twisted perversion of Christ as the redeemer. In Shiite tradition, which includes the Islamists of Hezbollah, the “Mahdi” is a redeemer, the messiah. This is Satan’s counterfeit gospel, presented as truth. Sunnis believe the Mahdi is the successor of Mohammad, an ordinary man. Shiite tradition proclaims the Mahdi will be no ordinary man. He will be special and set apart. He will be perfect like Jesus Christ; the perfect Satanic counterfeit.

But as William Wagner, senior professor at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary says, “Satan always tries to duplicate everything that God does,” Wagner said, “and I believe he has created his own eschatology that is somewhat similar to that of Christianity, but false enough to where it is apparent that it is not the truth.”

Hence the baby named Mahdi, presented as a Hezbollah Islamic terrorist at birth. Barely hours old, he’s already dressed in uniform. Of all the creepy and distorted displays put on by followers of Islam, this has to be the most terrifying. A newborn, dedicated at birth to Hezbollah. Will he have a bomb strapped to his body before he can walk? Will he be trained to murder Israelis, to rape, to maim for the sake of Allah? Most definitely. He’s a born Islamic terrorist.

Little baby Mahdi, a pudgy-faced Lebanese newborn who can still barely open his eyes, was destined to become a Hezbollah warrior from the moment he first entered this world.

“It’s a boy!” a balloon in the hallway of the Rasul Aatham hospital in Beirut proudly exclaims. But, snoozing in his bed, Mahdi is dressed as a fighter: In a video posted by Hezbollah-owned news channel al-Manar earlier this week, Mahdi is seen in a tiny military-style camouflage uniform only slightly too large for an infant of his stature. A hat bearing the Shiite organization’s emblem keeps his head warm.

Sadly, this was a most joyous occasion for the newborn’s parents, but also for all involved. In a most distorted worldview, this is literally a life being ceremoniously prepared for instant indoctrination and for death. With Hezbollah actively entrenched in the Syrian civil war and prepping for another war with Israel, tensions in the region have reached a fever pitch. Hezbollah has increased its presence on the Lebanon-Israeli border, and with the ever present help of Iran, they’re rearming. War is imminent. Now comes the newborn dressed as a Hezbollah Islamist prepared for battle. This is the ultimate representation of the death cult of Islam.

Nothing could be better than him becoming a soldier for the Imam Mahdi [the prophesied redeemer of Islam],” his mother, dressed in traditional black Middle Eastern garb, tells al-Manar in the video, according to a translation posted by MEMRI, an Arab news watchdog.

According to the al-Manar report, as a token of appreciation, Mahdi’s family had all hospital bills waived and was granted a golden necklace engraved with the name of the Prophet Muhammad.

“[He] reflects the continuation of the path of the Islamic resistance, one generation after another,” Mahdi’s mother says of her tiny baby in the video.

The family got their hospital bills waived as a token of appreciation. They left with a baby Islamic terrorist, dedicated to Hezbollah at the moment of his birth. This is Satan’s perversion of the gospel in its most outrageous form, but it will deceive many, just as all other counterfeits do.

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