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A balanced budget is a sound fiscal policy that few would dispute in concept. It is those annoying details that are the rub.

I recently read an article by Nick Dranias on Freedom Outpost that just tickled the living daylights out of my WTF sensors. I know nothing of Mr. Dranias, so I have no axe to grind with him personally, but I found his well-presented arguments specious at best.

The most frightening thing about this whole discussion is the concept of a constitutional amendment. To me, the very discussion of amending our Constitution is so blatantly unnecessary. It is not unlike debating the benefits of “turning out” your mother to work the streets. There may or may not be real fiscal benefits in the short term, and the decision will inevitably be deeply regretted in the long run, but in the final analysis, it is highly probable that a whole bunch of folks are about to get screwed.I freely admit that I am no financial wonder child. Just ask my wife. In the spirit of full disclosure, I have not even written a check in more than a quarter century as is evidenced by the fact that I have a roof over my head, a car in my garage and a credit rating north of 800 – whatever that means.The last time I checked, there were nearly two dozen different proposed Balanced Budget Amendments (BBA) floating around out there which tells me two things. First, it tells me that there is no overwhelming consensus as to precisely what such a thing might look like. This is not surprising if one were to consider the frequency and intensity of discussions on this subject between husbands and wives, and that is assuming they like each other. The second thing the diversity of approaches to the subject of a BBA tells me is that there are far too many lawyers in congress. I have read a couple of the proposed BBAs, so any discussion about “THE” Balanced Budget Amendment I have to assume is a “generic” discussion vs. an evaluation of a specific iteration or proposal for such a thing, because in my mind, until a Constitutional Convention, aka: The National Suicide Pact, is convened, everything falls into the category of “what if,” at which point it morphs into WTF.Has anybody ever heard of “The Affordable Care Act”? The last time I checked there was nothing affordable about it and damned little care involved. Now just think…If the loons in Washington can crush an estimated six to ten million families and distress an entire nation by simply taking over one sixth of the nation’s economy, just how much damage do we think they can do if we in effect give them the whole enchilada?The proposed drafts that I have read, including the citations by Mr. Dranias would appear to have been written by lawyers and in my observation are the epitome of what my grandmother referred to as “mealy mouth”; i.e there are more holes for the loons to worm their way through than a Swiss cheese factory.

More to the point, why are we even discussing this? I see the whole discussion on par with debating the benefits of a spare tire on a heavy bomber.

Does anybody truly believe that the rogue regime ruling our country is going to abide by an amendment to our Constitution, a document which they routinely ignore in its entirety on a daily basis?

We do not need an amendment to force a balanced budget!

  • Everything we need conceptually is in the constitution itself as written.
  • Congress controls the purse strings.
  • Congress has one or two smart folks among its members. Okay, I might be stretching that point a bit but they do have access to smart folks who know about money things.

Of course, in order to achieve a balanced budget with the resources currently available in Washington, we would have to look to current technology for a solution. Our problem is not deficit spending, it is a cojones deficit.It is my understanding that scientists have made great strides in the area of T-Cell research to the point that they can and do grow human organs in the laboratory that can be transplanted safely.We could impose on true and honest leaders like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio or a real leader like Rick Perry to contribute certain T-Cells for the scientists to grow for transplant the cojones needed to deliver a Balanced Budget to We The People.

For that matter, I am sure that Nikki Haley or Jan Brewer might be willing to contribute in order to cure the cojones deficit; the symptoms of which is an overwhelming need to constantly genuflect to the throne of the illegal usurper currently occupying the White House, The Peoples House.

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