Barack Obama – The Bad, The Really Bad & The Ugly


Who or What is Barack Obama?

As you may already know, I contend that we under attack not just by evil but by FIVE EVILS. These are (1) Communism, (2) Islamism, (3) New World Order (NWO) Corruption, (4) Crime, and (5) Hedonism. These are savageries which we must eradicate if we are to have any peace.

Under Communism, I place Putin, Red China, Venezuela, and several smaller players, though they often play by the rules of the NWO and criminals. Marxism is rampant also in our politics, media, schools, labor unions, and now churches. Alinsky tactics are used incessantly for these means, although one might properly say these are criminal tactics used with evil intent.

Islamism is the obvious urge towards jihad, Sharia, and the worldwide caliphate.

Under the New World Order, I place those governments and entities which use the hypnosis that everything is alright in order to enslave us to more hedonistic forms of freedom. The Western nations are deep into pacifying us with their form of capitalism, which is the promise of luxury. When it comes to evil, their’s is the most preferable form because it generally is not noticeable, that is, not painful… until it comes crashing down.

Hedonism means anything that, falsely, “is not hurting anyone but me.” Under this, I place sexual deviance, intoxication, and counter-culture. Society can never be rid of these things, but when society tolerates them, hedonism takes on a life of its own, a militant evil manifesting as “rights” to sodomy, bestiality, child sex, adultery, narcotics, public drunkenness, and unchecked radicalism.

Crime is the opposite, not pretending to be harmless. Crime caters especially to hedonism, providing gambling, prostitution, drugs, illegal alcohol, and other vices which, when prohibited, profit the criminal greatly. Thus, incompetent law creates mafias, gangs, cartels, and the like. If hedonism is provided a legal outlet, as gambling and prostitution in Nevada, crime must adhere to that law or suffer non-competitive products and services. Naturally, there is petty crime also (not so petty to those suffering the consequences): the pickpocket, the thief; and also the psychopath: the murderer, the rapist.

I give this brief overview in order to say that, while most evil is easily categorized, Barack Obama is not easily categorized. Let’s take a look:



Note the overarching communist and/or Marxist history, enveloping Obama’s mother, father, brothers, grandfather, mentor Frank Marshall Davis, advisors David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, Bill Ayers, Richard Trumpka, Jeremiah Wright, and so on. In college, Obama was an active Marxist radical, with many communist social ties. He was endorsed by the now-defunct New Party, who helped him in 1997, and the Communist Party USA. In a famous photo, he is shown teaching the principles of Saul Alinsky. Obama has a history of advocating for redistribution of wealth, of denying the true right to private property (“you didn’t make that”), against gun ownership, and between-the-lines against free speech and a free press. He is a community agitator, enjoys riling up the “victims” of society so he can play savior, and invokes “fairness” and “rights” for everything he desires to happen.



Again to family, Obama’s step-father (Lolo), his father (Barack Sr., the confusing mix of Muslim and Marxist), and at least one brother are/were Muslim. Obama Jr. was enrolled in an Indonesian school where enrollment records say his religion is Islam (which of course doesn’t mean much). He has been quoted that there is nothing more beautiful than the Muslim call to prayer, and that the United States is not a (Judeo-)Christian nation. He bows to the Saudi prince (yes, among others). These Islamist things against Obama are more slight than the communist impregnation, bur religion, generally speaking, trumps political ideology (except for atheists).

The main evidence we see is Obama’s insistence on helping Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. His foray into Libya, his encouragement of Egyptian revolution, his refusal to help in the attempted Iranian revolution, and his confusing stance in Syria, all have a pattern which favors the Islamists. Weapons have even been delivered to Al-Qaeda, our enemy! His policies favor Saudi and Kuwaiti oil while destroying American capabilities in gas and oil (Keystone pipeline, anti-Gulf, anti-fracking, anti-coal). These are geopolitical moves of great consequence which involve also Russia and China, which is why we see agitation there.

The avoidance of Christian safety is also of grave concern, and evidence for Obama’s Islamism. He wants to avenge fallen children from chemical weapons when they are Arabs (or when they serve a different agenda, viz. Newtown, CT), but burning churches in the Middle East are of no consequence to him, apparently. This plays deeply into his approval of the mosque to be built at Ground Zero in New York City, and into the manner by which a giant mosque in Maryland is forced upon the community (but we might also point to GW Bush’s avoidance of Dearbornistan).

There is also Obama’s record with Israel, from butting into their sovereignty by citing 1967 borders as a precondition to peace negotiations (with Arab terrorists!), to omitting Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on at least one map (and providing an implausible explanation), and various other anti-Israel stances.

Recently, in-depth looks at The White House reveal Islamic advisers (not a sin but not looking good either). There also been accusations that Obama is a member-in-good-standing with the Muslim Brotherhood itself.

Of course, there is the bewildering counter-evidence that Obama takes credit for killing Osama, the Islamist prophet-of-the-moment, and has drone-struck Yemen, and also quickly eliminated the Boston bombers from being able to speak.


Obama went to Harvard Law School. He surrounds himself with all of the familiar NWO faces, including John Kerry, Hillary Clinton (yes, also a communist), Joe Biden (yes, also a numbskull), Chuck Hagel, David Petraeus, and the ever-dangerous Cass Sunstein, among many others.

His monetary policy utilizes the same old printing methods that cause the Federal Reserve to be such a menace, racking up more debt than any President to date (even taking % of GDP into account), on track to double the debt under his watch. And, despite his rhetoric, his economic policy (so to speak) benefits the same corporations and banks he rails against (without lowering the corporate tax rate).

Obama is an anti-constitutional authoritarian who would love to disarm all Americans (his candor makes him more communist). His stance on FEMA, the NSA, the IRS, the EPA, and other agencies is as all-encompassing as ever. Even if he is communist or Islamist, he is New World Order to the core.

Of special note, Obama is a hawk, not a dove. He has kept the wars going, and far more died in Afghanistan under Obama than Bush (we’ll give credit on Iraq). He has not closed Guantanamo. He has struck violently in Libya, Yemen, and elsewhere in Africa and Asia (sorry if you didn’t know), and is contemplating starting World War 3 in Syria. He loves his drones. Among all NWO Presidents, Obama is most overt with his power, and most enjoys the arrogance of being commander-in-chief.


Regarding him personally, Obama is a typical Chicago thug politician, using dirty tricks to vanquish his Congressional rivals (I know, all’s fair in politics). No matter what you think, Obama definitely accepted help from Tony Rezko (Obama even called it “bonehead” – his slang for “oops”). Regarding corporate crime, the Solyndra deal smells of kickbacks (you may invoke Halliburton if it makes you happy). Obama is also a constant liar (thank you, Joe Wilson!), making him a perjurer in front of Congress and the American people.

Concerning more serious matters of national consequence, Obama supports illegal aliens by refusing his Justice Dept. the ability to capture. He has no border policy which favors America, making lower Arizona particularly a hazard, something not known in the United States for 100 years. This aiding and abetting illegal immigration is not only criminal but also treason.

Speaking of treason, the fact that Bill Ayers is an adviser to Obama makes him a sympathizer to the violence of Ayers’ radical bomb-throwing days. And onward we go, President Obama has been found in contempt of court.

At the very tip of the mountain, Obama is complicit in murder, abandoning our boys in Benghazi. He makes the final decision, he takes the rap. We might also add the innocents killed in his airstrikes (which other commanders have also in their laps).


Again, we begin personally. Let’s talk golf. He is so addicted to it that immediately after the Rose Garden speech concerning Syria, he changed clothes and went to the links! As a I won’t deny a man his recreation, even personal vices, but this is just the start.

Nationally, he is an advocate for hedonism, particularly the homosexual agenda, though he says he is not (the Muslim ploy). Obama is so entrenched in this hedonism that he angers even his African brethren, even Mugabe. And who can forget Kevin Jennings? Or Larry Sinclair? But he is also heavily on the side of abortion, which is basically legislation in favor of promiscuity and murder (the communist ploy).

Most dangerously, Obama is addicted to himself. He is Narcissist Grande, never taking blame for anything, shoving it off on others, even throwing his own grandmother at one point under the bus. The mark of the hedonist is to pursue pleasure and avoid pain. This is Obama. In love with his stardom and fame, surrounding himself with music personalities like Springsteen and Jay-Z, using his power to take mounds of expensive vacations at taxpayer expense, even shuttling his mother-in-law to Africa in Air Force One. You may well ask “What’s wrong with that?” but his rejection of austerity for himself is simply stirring the pot.


As was the capstone to his election, he is all things to all people. He is a peace-loving dove worthy of a Nobel Prize even while he spreads world struggle (geopolitical), racial division (Trayvon, et al), class war (“pay your fair share”), and does nothing to quell violence in Congo, Mexico (though he blames America) or Chicago. He is the smartest man in the room even though his budgets have been unanimously struck down, his foreign “policy” is a wreck, his economic measures are doomed, to the point where it looks intentional, making him not intelligent but rather craftily evil. He is the well-dressed church-goer whose church is that of racial dissent and anti-Americanism, whose doctrine is to force Catholics to permit birth control, whose concept of Bibles is that they are utilized by “bitter clingers” (imperialists). He is the communist atheist who is also a radical Muslim who is also a New World Order stooge who is also a common criminal who is also a narcissistic hedonist. But you can’t be ALL of these things. Can you?

The author of confusion and chaos is Satan. But even though an Egyptian newspaper made out Obama to be the devil incarnate (as did Mark Burnett in The Bible TV miniseries), I’m not ready to say they’re one and the same. But I will say that Obama is the merry prankster of politics, much to our detriment. When he released his birth certificate to a credulous public, it was signed by “U.K. La Lee,” pronounced… “ukulele,” the Hawaiian stringed instrument. Obama – the practical joker. However, when our national security is on the line, when our economic stability is on the line, when our lives are on the line, when our national identity is on the line – we don’t need a joker, a kidder, a prankster. We need a leader. And the one thing Obama has not been is a leader.

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