Barack Obama Confronted On Justification Of Kill List


I have previously written on Obama’s secret kill list and even his appointment of an assassination czar. This ‘kill list’ has not only included American citizens, but teenage American citizens, including those who have traveled to foreign countries such as Yemen. There has been no evidence provided that they have committed any crimes and yet the President of the United States has issued order to assassinate them because he deems them terrorists. Their Fourth Amendment rights have been violated and they have been executed without justice.

The revelation that American citizens were being assassinated by their own President sent some to the White House website to petition that Obama put signers of a petition on a “Do Not Kill” list.

It seems that not many people want to talk about this in the main stream media, but there is someone that takes on the controversial issues and puts them in perspective. Ben Swann of Fox News 19 tackles the issue of the kill list with Barack Obama in a one on one interview.

Watch the interview below:

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1 on 1 With President Obama How Does He Justify A Kill List?