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A good piece of advice that anyone who is in any position of authority should follow is “never say something in private to someone that you would not want repeated in public.” However, the arrogant and narcissistic dear ruler of the United States believes everyone within his administration is unerringly loyal and so devoted to him that anything he says to them in private would remain that way. As it turns out, some are willing to expose private statements to the public. When the Guardian released the story regarding NSA spying on Americans using information provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden, “King” Obama, in a private statement to Education Secretary Arne Duncan, dismissed the NSA’s constitutional violations as “noise rather than something that’s real and meaningful.”

According to the Daily Caller:

Duncan revealed Obama’s dismissive attitude to the dramatic claims by a former defense contractor, Edward Snowden, in a Washington Post report on a White House program to increase internet use in schools.

Obama made the remark to Duncan on June 6, as they were flying on Air Force One to visit a school in Mooresville, N.C., according to the last few paragraphs of the Post’s Aug. 13 article.

Instead of showcasing the president’s June 6 speech about a new plan to boost Internet use in schools, the major media in the United States and abroad were focused on Snowden’s claims that the NSA was copying huge quantities of private, commercial and criminal emails from around the world.

“‘I remember him sort of saying, “It’s a shame that there’s going to be a focus on the noise rather than something that’s real and meaningful,'” Duncan said, according to an Aug. 13 report in the Washington Post.

“As Air Force One flew toward North Carolina that day, Obama lamented to his education secretary that one of the administration’s biggest ideas was going to be overtaken by other news,” said the Post.

The president has also shown disdain for people who don’t trust his management of the NSA’s capabilities.

“The fact that I said that the programs are operating in a way that prevents abuse, that continues to be true,” Obama said Aug. 9. “The question is how do I make the American people more comfortable,” he added.

The “president” was to announce a plan dubbed “ConnectEd” to expand high speed internet access in schools allowing students to “use digital notebooks and teachers to customize lessons.” Interestingly, this idea was laid out in a memo to Obama from his staff, and he wouldn’t need approval from Congress. In order to pay for this roughly $5 billion dollar program, Obama wants the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to raise taxes on cell phone owners, without Congressional agreement. The controversial funding scheme would amount to approximately $12 in increased fees for every cell phone over the next three years.

According to the Washington Post, Obama told his staff “We are here to do big things – and we can do this without Congress.”

Well, ain’t that just special. Evidently, somebody got their jockeys in a wad because the spotlight was not on him and the press was not going to be falling all over every single word he said. An opportunity to hypnotize the ignorant stupid was lost because of “noise rather than something real and meaningful.”

Let me be clear, you arrogant fake, I, along with many American citizens, do not find the uncovering of unconstitutional activities by the federal government to be “noise.” If that’s not clear, come read my lips as I’m sure you know where to find me.

Describing the expansion of high speed internet in schools as one of the “administration’s biggest ideas,” Obama was literally referring to “computerized mass indoctrination” of children; the arrogant “empty suit” believes he can institute this type of “education” without Congress or the American people. Anyone thinking the expansion of high speed internet into the schools by government for altruistic purposes has either been in a coma for the last 5 years or is so deep in denial they can’t see the light to crawl out. To top it all off, Obama is not concerned about the NSA abuses; his concern is to make America comfortable with a police state. And, if anyone has any doubt about the direction Obama wants to take the country, his statement, “We are here to do big things – and we can do this without Congress,” says it all.

Obama not only shows disdain for anyone who doesn’t trust his management of the NSA, he shows disdain for the entire structural framework of our government. He cares not that the legislative body is Congress or that money appropriations come from the House of Representatives. He cares not about the checks and balances or the judicial branch of government. No, Obama cares about Obama and his ability to move himself into the dictator or “King” position. He cares not about equity of the law or equitable enforcement of the law or even faithfully executing the law. Obama figures ways to circumvent the processes either by usurping power through executive order or filtering instructions down to an agency under the executive branch’s control.

You can bet “Big Daddy” Frank Marshall Davis and “Unwed Nude Posing Mama” Anne Dunham are proud of the boy to whom they taught their twisted ideology as they watch all this from below. I guess they should be. This man, with the help of many in Congress and other areas of the federal government, is setting America on the fast track to destruction while many apathetic Americans say, “Oh, it will be okay, they’ll straighten it out.”

Obama’s arrogance and narcissism knows no bounds. Unfortunately, no one is willing to hold him in check or accountable for his own actions and those of his administration when looking at the numerous unresolved scandals rocking this country. Congress and American citizens continue to tolerate, with some of them supporting in full force, this phony, illegitimate, illegal, arrogant, narcissistic man occupying the White House who looks down on everyone with disdain and contempt.

Any previous president who conducted themselves like the current one and/or attempted to eradicate the meaning of the Constitution would have been slaughtered by the media; impeached and convicted for Treason by Congress; then, drawn and quartered by the American people. What makes this man so unique? There are several factors distinguishing this president from those of the past so you can draw your own conclusions on that question. To me, it boils down to none other than this man making history by being “the first” of many descriptive labels and no one has the guts to challenge a “first.”

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