Barack Obama Is A Usurper, Not A 'Robin Hood'


The current atmosphere of left wing rage suggests to the public that Barrack Hussein Obama is just getting back at the “rich” to give to the “poor.” This must mean that Barrack Hussein Obama is the incarnation of “Robin Hood.” Examples include the “Stimulus Bill,” “The Mortgage Bailout,” and the ongoing rape of our economy by Obama’s government. This is yet another up-side-down twisted media misinterpretation that is flying right past those in our country who have not read the book or don’t understand the truth of the book of Robin Hood.

Robin of Locksley is the hero of a well known novel by Howard Pyle. The premise of the book is that a decent man is outraged by unjust taxing of the townsfolk by a usurper to the throne, Prince John. Because of this, Robin sets about to rob the rich (government officials) and give back to the poor ( the townsfolk that are heavily-taxed by the Sheriff of Nottingham). In the case of this story, the “rich” are the politically elite class who have, through force, taken the properties and money from everyday citizens. Got that? It is the powerful government in the story who represents the “rich.” The correct analogy is that Barrack Hussein Obama is the usurper to the throne who is robbing the townsfolk of their properties and their money.

Somewhere along the way, this story has been abominated to incite class warfare in America. People have been indoctrinated to believe that the “rich” are bad, and the “poor” are innocent victims of the “rich.” If you are even remotely financially well from your hard work and enterprise, you are the bad guy. You must have gotten there by abusing people. You are a slime-bucket. You must be vilified and reviled in order to make the “poor” understand that they are victims.

But folks…..the “rich” in the story is the government. The story of Robin Hood is not about Jack Welch, former CEO of GE, to use one example. It is about how the government stole from the likes of successful businessmen. It is not about successful businessmen who manage successful corporations who hire people, manufacture goods and services, and keep our economy rolling. It is about political corruption. It is about people who work hard to live and yet the government takes the spoils of that hard work.

While this is a story set in medieval England, the tenets remain true in any age. The inspiration comes from our hero, Robin, the everyday man who puts up the good fight against the heavy-handed force of government usurpers and wins. What has happened today is that the figures in the story have been reversed, as the left-wing liberal socialists are so wont to do. Today, the government, the public schools, and the media have adeptly indoctrinated an entire group of people to believe that the government is Robin Hood and the hard-working business class is the “rich bad guy.” This indoctrination is so complete that even some people in the supposedly educated, hard-working, business class have been convinced of some sort of guilt for being successful.

Think about that for a minute. If you can convince multitudes of people that they are guilty of something they didn’t do, just imagine the extortion from those people you can commit. Convince a whole nation of hard working people that they are the bad guys to blame for the downfall of America and there is no end to the political confiscation of property and money you can do. This current political class is in the process of the greatest thievery from Americans of their opportunities to survive and succeed by stealing from the working class to give to those who produce little or nothing. Robin Hood was not Karl Marx, and is not Barrack Hussein Obama. Robin Hood is the example of our Founding Fathers who saved us from the likes of Karl Marx, Obama, and the heavy-handed force of government elites.

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