Barack Obama's Scorched Earth Policy Must Be Stopped Before Leaving Office


In case you haven’t been paying attention to the news, Barack Hussein Obama is doing everything humanly possible to not just “fundamentally transform” the United States of America…he is virtually destroying it, prior to his leaving office.  It simply amazes me, that with the control of both houses of Congress, the Republicans are doing absolutely N-O-T-H-I-N-G to stop, or even curtail, him. But, to be fair to the RINO’S…they’re too busy doing everything they can to stop Donald Trump from becoming president, so their hands are already full doing that. And that baffles me to no end: we (the American people) gave the Republicans control of both houses of Congress and the only thing they see fit to do is try and prevent the best thing that has happened to the GOP since 1980?

But I digress, Barack Obama is literally destroying this nation by executive fiat, and if allowed to continue to January of 2017, there won’t be a United States of America for the next president to “fix.” It’s bad enough that under Obama’s watch, our borders are wide-open for anyone to simply walk across; there are 45 million people on food stamps, thanks to Common Core; Islam is being taught to our school children; and now, thanks to Obama, our children are forced to allow members of the opposite sex in their locker rooms and bathrooms.

Conservative Tribune had this to say:

In the past few weeks, the issue of transgender “rights” has become a leading topic of conversation. Recently, President Barack Obama issued a directive ordering public schools to let men who claim to think they are women use the women’s restroom, or face the loss of federal funding. Brietbart reported that Chicago Public Schools have now taken political correctness even further by demanding that any discussion about transgenders use the appropriate language.

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Satan must have a smile on his face right now because not even he could have done as much damage to the moral fabric of this nation as Barack Hussein Obama has done in only 7 years.

And according to Western Journalism:

Public schools in Obama’s hometown of Chicago have just taken this transgender bathroom insanity to the next level.

What they’re demanding students do now shows exactly how set they are on brainwashing our children that perversion is perfectly normal.

This is sick, and it must be stopped NOW.

This insanity must end because it is painfully obvious to the most casual observer that not a single elected official in Washington D.C. is even attempting to stop him. It’s up to us, folks….we’re on our own. If the American people don’t rise up and depose this despotic demagogue, our children will become playthings of transvestites and sodomites. It’s one thing to attack and force an adult into doing something they don’t want to do….but to attack our children….that’s just downright evil!

The only thing a tyrant understands is brute force, and if that’s what it takes to get our country back, so be it.

Here is something else for you to chew on: every single Democrat politician has sided with Obama since he was elected. I wonder, are the children and grandchildren of these same democrat politicians subject to this disgusting new executive order, and are Obama’s own two daughters going to have to allow men in their locker rooms and bathrooms ? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

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