Ben Stein Slams Obama Over Failing To Provide Iron Dome Defense For US


Commentator Ben Stein took to CBS to question what Barack Obama is doing by supplying Israel with a missile defense system called Iron Dome to protect against attacks from Hamas rockets, but is failing to provide the same type of defense for the United States against nuclear attack.

“Ronald Reagan was totally right when he said he wanted a ballistic missile defense system comprehensive enough to protect the U.S. from ICBM attacks,” he said in a CBS News commentary this morning. “His liberal opponents scoffed and called it “Star Wars,” and said it couldn’t possibly work. They blocked money for its deployment on any scale. Nevertheless, in tests, it worked well.”

While the Iron Dome system’s capability was shown off recently in Israel, it is used to shoot down short-range rockets within seconds, “so very possibly, Star Wars could work too,” he said.

Stein said that North Korea was “run by a mentally ill person” and that Iran is a “nation run by a group of insanely angry persons” will soon be able to hit Europe, Israel and eventually America.”

“Why, if the challenge is real enough for Mr. Obama to beef up the limited defense systems we have, don’t we spend every dime we can beg, borrow, or steal to defend ourselves against nuclear rocket attacks from people who hate us?” Stein said. “What more urgent priority do we have?

One issue that came up was expense. Stein said “So what if it’s expensive? What is Portland worth? What’s L.A. worth? What’s Seattle worth?” While I agree with his sentiments and wonder why we are foolishly giving away billions in foreign aid to our enemies run by the Muslim Brotherhood and millions of America recipients of welfare, when that same money could be used to actually protect the United States.

We know that Reagan had in mind the idea of Star Wars in order to do a run around MAD (Mutually assured destruction) which arose during the Cold War. His idea was one of preserving life, not destroying it. Therefore, he set out to make nuclear missiles irrelevant.

William Cohn wrote back in 2006, after North Korea detonated a nuclear weapon, “Star Wars advocates place faith and resources in shield protection against missiles (SPAM). Can missile defense really intercept cruise missiles and other ground-hugging and laser guided projectiles let alone conventional missiles?”

However, he would go on to push for treaties as a solution writing, “The Non-Proliferation and Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaties as well as a new treaty replacing ABM should be re-emphasized and supported. The simple truth is, despite massive spending, we cannot shield ourselves against a proliferation of nuclear and other missiles. Failure to support international arms control efforts in favor of the pursuit of unilateralist military solutions is misguided at best. The true cost of missile defense may prove unimaginable.”

This assumes that you can trust people who have threatened you and who are sworn enemies of the United States. In other words, Mr. Cohn lives in Fantasy Land, where as long as you promise not to develop nuclear weapons, then we’ll just leave it at that and all will be well. That is foolish thinking.

While there has been calls for more funding of laser guided missiles, specifically the Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS) which has been nothing but a money pit, we have yet to fully really go after a lofty goal of Reagan’s Star Wars program and take it serious. It carries tremendous potentiality to provide security from an inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM), but we must develop the system, something that Stein is apparently calling for.

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