Benghazi Scandal: Humpty Dumpty Has Fallen


Are we finally seeing the fall of the Humpty Dumpty and his rotten ovate kin in the White House?  There are enough shards of broken egg all over the administration’s faces, surely there are enough rational and legitimate people left in positions of power to take this bunch and throw them to the garbage disposer where they belong.  One can hope.  The wheels grind too slowly for me.  The lies started with the 2008 campaign and have continued and escalated since, ever increasing abuses of power, the bodies are piling up …including the four fellow Americans in Benghazi. 

Are there enough Americans left to clean up this mess?  And enough to put the ship right again?

The way I see it, some of the crimes might have been political, but the intention was worse than that. This is not Watergate, which was entirely political. That’s why today’s White House scandals make Watergate look like cupcakes, comparatively.  This entire scene before us since 2008 is not just about party politics at all.  From the beginning, the whole ball of wax has been about ripping the nation to shreds, foundations and all.  The Clinton’s and the Obama’s have both been at this and succeeding for twenty-one years now.  The machine behind them has gathered a fortune to speed them on their way.  The groundwork is laid to martyr Obama in such a manner that the poor uneducated voters who got sucked into his spiel just might hit the streets and burn the place down.  Then what?  Martial law?  We are almost there already.  The plans and equipment are in place.  You can’t look at all this administration has done and deny they have been preparing for that all along.  Treachery towards Americans is in the background.  You can bet on it.

C’mon Barack and Hillary.  Neither of you have plausible deniability. You keep selling.  I’m not buying.

Who will get thrown under the bus this time?  I’m so sick from seeing Obama stand there and blame everyone else for what we all know he has orchestrated. Just some low level employees?  Yeah, sure.  That’s it.  He’ll turn this show into a political nut grinder, where it’s all the Republican’s fault.  Remember all those years ago when Hillary said there was a “vast right wing conspiracy?” Looks like O took his cues and learned his lessons well.

I just hope to heaven there is no Gerald Ford sitting in the wings who will pardon this bunch.  Oh wait, there is Joe, the Schmo, Biden who will do just that if history repeats.  Notice how he has stayed on the sidelines from each of these scandals.  Skirting the edges, but proposing the same nasty government control over everyone.  Yep…we are in for a skating performance.  The O’s and the Clinton’s skating off to their own vast fortunes and speaking engagements for the rest of their lives.  Are Chelsea’s campaign coffers filling up already?   Planning ahead is what these people do.  Even if we do get this criminal mob out of DC, this is not the end of the fight for America.  We are in it for the long haul.

Stayed tuned….

P.S. Can we free that poor schnook who is jail for a bad video yet?  I mean….really.  Parole violation?  Hmmm….more like taking the hit for the big O – H and their lies.

P.S. Does arming our enemies through a gun running operation into Syria and other countries in the Middle East count as treason?  Just asking….silly me.

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