Benghazi: Unaware, Unresponsive, Unaccountable


It’s been over seven months after the Benghazi attacks and there are still more questions than answers about the Obama Administration’s response. Time is running out to find the truth. Absent a special investigation, the American people will never discover the truth about why Americans were simply left to die in Benghazi and Republican Speaker John Boehner says he’s not going to allow that to happen.

More than 700 retired Special Forces have signed an open letter to the US House of Representatives demanding that there be a select committee to investigate Benghazi and Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) has had H. Res 36 gaining support for that committee for months now. One hundred twenty-nine House Republicans have cosponsored H. Res. 36 to create a Select Committee on the Terrorist Attack in Benghazi – but nearly 100 Republicans have not signed on to it and we’re still waiting on Democrats. Paticia Smith, mother of fallen information management officer Sean Smith, has even put her support behind the resolution.

Now OPSEC has put out a video recapping the highlights of what has transpired in the Benghazi scandal and encouraged support for the resolution. Here is the video and remember to contact your representative and urge them to push this resolution forward.

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