Between Militarized Police, Corrupt Government, and Criminals, Law-Abiding Citizens Are Hemmed in On All Sides


I spent 25+ years living in California. Over time, I saw it become less golden and much more tarnished because of the left’s increasing hold on that state. They have done everything they can to eradicate rights of those who live in California, especially when it comes to gun control. Currently, there are 11 bills in the state legislature that, if passed, will continue to erode rights of law-abiding citizens. That, and the absolute waste along with leftist pandering to illegals is what ultimately drove us out of the state.

We now live in the south…comfortably. I realize that once things really start going bad in the U.S., the south will not be exempt. The difference though between living in the south and in a leftist utopia like California is that people in the south are willing to fight to keep their rights. The people in California will watch their rights get flushed down the toilet and rationalize it (“if it keeps us safer,” etc.).

I’m seeing two things happen in society that are very telling to me. First, the police are becoming more militarized. This is in spite of the law enforcement apologists who deny that this is occurring. They say it’s based on disinformation or a simple hatred or even a lack of understanding of police roles in society. Americans are not blind. Most of us are not stupid or “low-information” about things like this. We see what’s happening. We see the transformation that has taken over many police departments throughout the United States.

The worse thing law enforcement has going for it is the ability of the average citizen to snap a few photos or record video of events that, too often, end of as tragedies for innocent people. Of course, California passed a law that makes it a crime to video-tape a law enforcement officer in public. Thank you, Dianne Feinstein and all who voted in favor of her bill. It makes you wonder what they have to hide especially since cruisers have dash cams and too often, their own dash cams are their own worst enemy.

Second, we see this major push in society to control who buys guns, what kind of guns they can buy, and now the push also includes how much ammo a person can purchase. For those with their heads in the sand, gun confiscation has already begun, something we were told would not happen. New York, California, and a few other states have begun to remove guns from people who they have decided are a threat to society. This is based on their mental health records. In New York State, a person must have a handgun permit to purchase and own a handgun. If the state determines that you took anti-depressant pills at one point in your life (even if you do not take them now), they believe that gives them the right to cancel your permit and demand your guns. Several cases are going through the courts now.

It strikes me as odd that at the same time society is noticing just how militarized law enforcement has become, the pressure to severely limit and/or remove guns from society is also on the rise. I believe the two are obviously connected and for good reason. If the government plans on cracking down on everything from the 1st Amendment to other amendments, it would find it difficult to do with an armed society.

I spoke with some folks at my church and asked what they would do if the government came for our guns. Without exception, the answer was “there would be bloodshed.” Some of these people are connected to law enforcement, which makes their statements even more startling. In other words, they would be standing their ground against the government, when push came to shove.

I asked one individual who is an LEO what he would do if he was ordered to go from house to house demanding weapons from law-abiding citizens. His answer was simple. He would go door to door and tell people he was there to collect all “registered” weapons. I got his meaning. Where I live, no weapons are registered.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has just signed new strict gun control measures into law. “The measure will both require background checks on privately sold firearms (aka “universal background checks”) and require that any lost or stolen gun be reported to law enforcement within 72 hours.

“The stolen gun requirement is now effective immediately and the universal background check requirement will be required starting Jan 1, 2014.”

I think it’s obvious that there is a direct connection between the increasing militarization of law enforcement personnel and our government’s desire to eradicate our 2nd Amendment rights. This is in spite of the fact that Obama continues to give lip service to the idea that people have a right to bear arms. Words are words, but as the saying goes, actions speak louder.

We have seen an increase in force used by police over the years coupled with tactical-type weapons and armor. We have seen a proliferation of antagonism from police officers directed toward average citizens. Yelling, swearing, and using excessive force is now part of the police officer’s arsenal of weapons. We’ve known for a while now that these things are used to overwhelm people so that they will become compliant.

If you couple this with the lies our government is handing us about the alleged need for gun control (which will have virtually no impact at all on criminals), it becomes obvious (or should) that increasingly, average citizens are being seen and therefore treated as enemy combatants who have no rights.

In Texas recently, a massive SWAT raid took place on an organic farm. Ostensibly, they were looking for pot plants (though the warrant did not appear until two hours after the raid began). Finding none, they took several okra and other plants. Ultimately, it was code enforcement because complaints had been previously made about bushes growing too close to the road, etc. That they used tactical SWAT teams, a helicopter overhead and many ground units is absolutely ridiculous and a complete waste of tax payer dollars. This was all to enforce code.

A NY Supreme Court Judge was recently attacked by police who had been beating a homeless man senseless. An officer charged the judge (who had come out to see what the problem was) and karate chopped him in the neck, crushing his larynx. He also claims that police threatened people who were video-taping the event and also notes that surrounding businesses were warned not to release their security footage to the public. The judge is suing for $300,000. He was told that there was not enough evidence to prosecute the officers in spite of the event being caught on video.

If we are being increasingly expected to allow our rights to be set aside and to obey unlawful orders by law enforcement and their higher ups, then something is seriously wrong in society. It’s my guess that the U.S. Constitution has been gutted and simply sits on the shelf to look good. Obviously and increasingly, the power of the Constitution has been lost.

Between the police possibly seeking to harm us, elected officials doing what they can to make it harder for us to have guns and ammo, and real criminals on the street doing whatever they can to overcome us, it seems as though many portions of America are simply not safe for the law-abiding citizen.

If we don’t start fighting back soon, then we will have only ourselves to blame for whatever happens to us.

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