Beware: Agenda 21 Recruiter Using Dating Site to Advance Sustainability Propaganda


What lengths would liberal, environmental, climate change, global warming leftists go to push the “sustainable community” farce known as Agenda 21 on the public? Using their mantra “the ends justifies the means,” these charlatans would do whatever it takes including using online dating sites in order to recruit unsuspecting individuals to support their “cause.” The case in point happened to a friend of mine.

Many single individuals of all ages currently use online dating sites to find relationships, friends and/or companions, not get involved in politics. My friend told me about a guy that she met online using the dating site Plenty of Fish. When she met the guy calling himself Roger, she never suspected that he would engage in a “recruiting” effort to push the Agenda 21 initiative in the State of Georgia. But, that is exactly what he did after a few meetings. My friend did not realize it was the environmental, freedom crushing, individual rights eradicating Agenda 21. Instead, she referred to his initiative push as “sustainable communities,” “self-contained neighborhoods,” and “community reorganization.” Upon hearing these terms, I immediately identified it as the UN Agenda 21 that many towns, cities and states have attempted to push on their residents through pleasing sounding misnomers. Of course, Plenty of Fish probably has no idea that individuals like Roger are using their site for political agendas, instead of finding companionship.

This friend broke it off with Roger and could not even remember his last name. However, curious as to the exact nature of how Roger was trying to push this “agenda” in my state and gain access to meetings in order to record audio and video using my cellphone, I convinced her to contact him to let him know she had a friend that would be “perfect” for him considering his passion for politics. Yes, this was a bit deceptive but I felt no guilt whatsoever as this guy was ready to prostitute himself for the almighty farce. True to his conceited, arrogant, over-zealous ego to recruit supporters and using all his charms, he contacted me. To be fair, we never met face to face, but according to my friend he was very attractive and used it effectively. Since she was not politically inclined, his “charms and good-looks” proved futile in his recruiting attempt with her. Unfortunately, I cannot recall his last name, if the name he gave is really his name at all.

The first conversation I had with Roger centered mainly on him – imagine that. He talked about what he was interested in which, as it turns out, was working with a group who was interested in having “sustainable communities” and neighborhoods that were self-contained where individuals would live, work and conduct business within a certain area. Sound familiar? According to Roger, these “self-contained communities would have one doctor everyone saw, one dry cleaner, one grocery store, etc. You get the idea. It was a plan whereby it stifled the free enterprise system by only allowing one type of business per community in order to prevent neighborhood decay as evidenced by vacant buildings where struggling businesses failed. Roger cared not about about the person he was in contact with except to find out their occupation to determine how it would best suit his recruitment efforts to garner support for a meeting to be held in the nearby town of Conyers, GA. The intent of this community meeting was to gather support and gain considerable ground to implement this “community.”

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Everyone living, working and conducting business in a “sustainable community” leaves large areas of land unused, decreases commuting time in automobiles thereby reducing carbon emissions, and determines who owns certain businesses in that community along with what and how many businesses there are. Sounds like Agenda 21 to me.

Roger directed me to a website,, in order to access more information. According to Roger, there was only the locomotive on the track now and additional cars would be added behind the locomotive as communities signed on and were initiated. At that time, I accessed the website. It was bare bones. There was a picture of one locomotive on a railroad track with very little information to determine the exact plan. However, key phrases pointed to Agenda 21. Over the next few months, I heard from Roger several times. The last conversation a couple of months ago was concerning the meeting that was to take place in Conyers, GA. When Roger concluded his spiel using the catch phrases that are Agenda 21, my mouth got the better of my brain, tipping my hand, letting him know that I recognized this as an Agenda 21 initiative. Evidently, Roger was not expecting that. He ended by stating he would contact me about the meeting. That was the last I heard of Roger.

Curious about what had happened with this endeavor, I attempted to access the website, Interestingly enough, the website that I viewed is not there. Instead, the website is Cyber Loco Motive – “your Banana Dance temporary home page.” Nothing else came within a 100 miles of resembling the website I viewed, so I did a “Whois” Search.

According to the information from Whois, the site was created by Steven Hampton, as evidenced by the screenshot below, in June of 2013.

Since the address listed is one that is nearby, I contacted several sources and discovered the address listed has been vacant for quite sometime – almost a year now. It was verified that a Steven Hampton did live at that address, but had moved to Conyers, GA. It’s interesting that the registrant of the website moved to the city where this meeting on “sustainable communities” was scheduled to commence.

Using the email address, I did a search on “wolfravenous; Steven Hampton.” It produced the following screenshot result.

It seems that Steven Hampton has not been active on that site for quite sometime, and the website,, appears to be abandoned with the last entry in April 2013.

Mr. Hampton has been a blogger in the past as evidenced by finding his blog site through a search as well.

The last entry in the blog was made in 2010. Just as all the other sites and the Oxford residence related to Mr. Hampton, his blog has been left to rot on the web.

I attempted to contact Mr. Hampton using the phone number listed in the Whois database. The answering service verified that I had reached “the Hamptons,” and to leave a message. I requested for Mr. Hampton to call me regarding the site to answer questions about it since I had visited the site before. However, as of this writing, Mr. Hampton has not contacted me. An update will be provided should Mr. Hampton return my call.

What I find interesting are the posts Mr. Hampton created on not only his website, but his blog as well. It would appear from the outset that Mr. Hampton was not a flaming, liberal, environmental, climate change, global warming, Agenda 21 cultist; but, instead, someone who considers himself a conservative. However, a website that was indicated to me as a venue to promote this farce was registered to him using an address in which the home is now vacant and promoted by the likes of a guy calling himself Roger. All other internet endeavors by Mr. Hampton have suffered the same fate as his residence in Oxford – most being abandoned right before the website start-up.

Questions regarding this particular situation may never be answered. However, the point is that liberal environmental kooks will use any avenue to recruit unsuspecting individuals in order to promote Agenda 21. What really points to the level they would stoop is using an online dating site to access possible vulnerable, unsuspecting individuals, who may not be aware of this initiative to gather support. These leeches prey on the emotional need others have for obtaining and existing in a relationship for their selfish political purposes without regard to the emotional damage that occurs when one is “used.”

Many individuals who do not use online dating sites may know someone who does and by sharing this information it can prevent these leeches from preying on the emotionally vulnerable. We have to turn the tables on them sometimes using their methods against them. Only by finding and identifying the enemy can we begin to push back in opposition to movements and agendas that seek to eradicate our God-given rights.

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