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While Vladmir Putin signed an order for Crimea to join Russia, His Majesty sent his court jester to Poland. Vice President Joe Biden, second idiot in charge, landed in Poland on Tuesday in order to reassure US allies in the region who are worried about Putin’s aggressive move in the Ukraine. Biden is also scheduled to discuss the NATO alliance and how to strengthen it, hoping NATO will emerge stronger from this crisis than before it. Biden will also meet with the leaders of the former Soviet republics of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

These countries are rightly concerned about the annex of Crimea into Russia. Putin used the excuse of the majority of the population residing in Crimea as being Russian nationals, along with the crisis in the Ukraine where the Russian sympathetic President was ousted, in order to bring the Crimea under Russian control. With Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia having large populations of Russian nationals living in their countries, it is no wonder their concern has elevated. But, sending Joe Biden to the area compares to sending Martha Stewart to work at NASA.

According to McClatchyDC:

He’ll also look for an opportunity to consult on how to deal with the situation in Ukraine, as leaders head into a European Union meeting on Thursday. The White House said the trip will give Biden a chance to consult with leaders “who have deep experience with Ukraine and Russia” so that the US “can compare notes and make sure that we remain as coordinated in the days ahead as we’ve been up until now.”

Biden will talk about further steps that the United States can take and that NATO can take as an alliance to further shore up the security of Poland and the Baltics and other NATO allies, but administration officials didn’t share details.

From the looks of it, Biden is going to get ideas on how to deal with the situation since it seems both he and the King are clueless. And exactly where is all this coordinated effort? Oh, yes those hollow sanctions that have been levied against Russian officials. One can see how that’s working.

Does Biden and His Majesty actually believe that these NATO allies will be able to put their confidence in any plan this administration proposes; or, that these NATO allies can count on this administration to be able to put force behind any plan formulated by the NATO alliance?

Judging by the size of the egos of our King and Biden, they believe they still lead the free world. However, the public display of these jokers suggest they lead from behind.

Obama has been gutting our military left and right. Plans are to return our military to pre-World War II size. Our military has been emasculated with the “new” Rules of Engagement. The ability to produce, on our own soil, the military equipment needed for any type of military action has been severely limited. Some of our military personnel are too busy engaging in “transgender drag queen parties” overseas to take seriously their oath to protect and defend the Constitution or our nation. Lie after lie has been told by this administration about any and everything while His Majesty is continually absent on meetings affecting national security. The King’s foreign policy is the butt of every joke around the world making the US a laughing stock.

Our economy teeters on the brink of destruction while the moral values of America have eroded to the level of a cesspool outside of hell. We have become a nation divided along every type of warfare that can be imagined from race to social class and everything in between. America is trillions of dollars in debt that grows every hour while relying on less than 50% of the country to support the government’s bad habits. Washington DC is riddled with scandal, corruption, treason and two-faced rhetoric with trust in government being at an all-time low among Americans. Since 2001, the US government has steadily increased its egregious violations of individual inalienable God-given rights against its own citizenry, not to mention the gross violation of the sovereignty of our allies perpetrated by NSA spying on their innocent citizens. And, let’s not forget our meddling into other nation’s governments resulting in chaos in many nations.

How can our allies even trust the US in any type of endeavor regarding protecting the sovereignty of a nation based on the actions of this government? If the trust is there and should it be necessary to assist our NATO allies, where is the personnel and the money coming from?

If we go back and look at history, Russia’s move could be compared to the move made by Hitler to annex territory because of German nationals residing in those areas or the areas was previously a part of Germany prior to WWI. European countries complied in order to avoid a Second World War since the recovery from WWI was still ongoing. To be perfectly honest, if the US had not entered WWII, it is highly possible the outcome would have been drastically different. That was then and this is now. Many changes have taken place throughout the world and in the US.

It seems our government and this administration has forgotten the immortal words of President Theodore Roosevelt; “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” It was a phrase indicative of pursuing tactic caution and non-aggression while possessing the ability to engage in violence if necessary.

His Majesty has convoluted this phrase to “Use hollow threats and hope they are scared of words.”

Putin has seen through our King, the court jester and our nobles. He has no fear of retribution for while the US is downsizing its military, Russia has expanded theirs. While His Majesty had divided the US, Putin has solidified Russia along with some pro-Russian populations in other nations. While many of the world’s nations fear the use of nuclear weapons, Putin would not hesitate to push that button to annihilate any opposition in order to make Russia the number one super power. He recognizes the King as a man of all words and inaction: a child playing a game on the world stage. Putin is prepared to put his money on his game of chess while our King is playing checkers.

Obama demands “king me” while Putin moves to check-mate NATO.

Should this situation escalate, the world could be thrust into a conflict where the outcome will be worse than any imaginable. May God have mercy on all of us.

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