Biden Talks About Putting ‘720 Million Women’ Back In Workforce


Despite the U.S. having a population of only 330 million Joe Biden says child tax credit would put 720 million women back in the workforce.

“You get a tax break for a racehorse, why in God’s name couldn’t we provide a $8,000 tax credit for everybody who has childcare costs? It would put 720 million back— million women back in the workforce.”

Joe Biden claims that his child tax credit would put “720 million women back into the workforce”

The U.S. has a population of only 330 million people

— Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) September 17, 2019

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His gaffes don’t bother me as much as actual Democrat policies like the green new deal, open borders, and free health care to everyone. But Twitter couldn’t help weighing in:

He got those numbers from Corn Pop

— Loren Porter (@rorochub2) September 17, 2019

Maybe he’s counting on the huge flood of people that would come with open borders, healthcare for illegals, etc.

— B Hanson (@SCPioneer) September 17, 2019

Maybe he was referring to the numbers once the Democrats completely dismantle the borders.

— S. Harp (@SHarp60855846) September 17, 2019

Why is this clown running for President? These are no longer gaffes, but rather incompetency.

— Kelli (@TeamwilcoxKelli) September 17, 2019

Biden must be referring to all of the incoming global illegal aliens his party is continuing to incentivize flooding our nation by the Democrat parties lawlessness. #ReturnTheRuleOfLaw #LawlessDemocrats#AmericaFirst #RejectSocialism

— @TheDarkKnight 🇺🇲 on🇺🇲 Parler (@benwrodriguez) September 17, 2019

720 million women in the U.S., my odds of getting a date just skyrocketed.

— Sirmount (@bryanfarless) September 17, 2019

“720 million women back in the workforce”

— rebel millennial (@patriotic_giant) September 17, 2019

He is including all those dead democrat voters

— Searching for a REAL America 1st Party (@michaelchiav) September 17, 2019

Dude has lost it

— Saladino for Congress (@JoeySalads) September 17, 2019

Oh my! This is excruciating. What kinda a fools are behind this man, apart from his wife?

— MCA (@MarieclaireRcpl) September 17, 2019

The DNC wants the nomination to be Biden, but they know the screws are getting looser and looser every day. It will be either Warren or Harris.

— Harry Bawls (@SinisterCobra) September 17, 2019

Seriously – does anyone think this might be intentional? He can’t be this senile and have no one notice.

— Chris Worthington (@a10sigh) September 17, 2019

Libs never cared to much for facts and they are prone to exaggeration. I mean Obama exegetes how many states are in the union. His base won’t care .

— MaggieMae (@MaggieMae0060) September 17, 2019

Reminds me of the time some moron thought it was a good idea to bring Kirk Douglas onstage at the Oscars when he was past 90. Biden makes me cringe for the same reasons

— JHCOR (@JHCOR2) September 17, 2019

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