Big Brother Task Force to Monitor "Anti-Government Extremists"


Although it was not widely announced, there is a new “task force” set up to target people who aren’t in lock-step with the socialist regime. In other words, anyone who stands by the Constitution and questions governmental infringement upon those rights, overstepping their powers, irresponsibility, corruption, and dismantling of the founding principles. The Interagency Working Group to Counter Online Radicalization to Violence is the name of the group that has not been established to root out domestic Islamic terrorists but so-called violent “sovereign citizens.”

Never paying any mind to the terrorists pouring in through the porous borders, the new task force, overseen by the Federal Bureau of Investigations, defines “sovereign citizens” as “anti-government extremists who believe that even though they physically reside in this country, they are separate or ‘sovereign’ from the United States.”

With an increasing amount of people who are informed of the Constitution, and fed up with our entitlement and redistributive wealth culture, how many among Conservative Constitutionalists can be described this way?  Likely, many.

Add in the element of potential religious profiling for “odd behaviors,” such as homeschooling, “breeding lots of children despite warnings it will kill the planet,” non-vaccinating, homesteading, and most egregious of all-“stockpiling weapons and ammunition,” and you have a true making of a new Waco and Ruby Ridge:  yet unleashed on a still small, but much greater portion of the population than some small government defined “cult.”

According to

The FBI warned that sovereign citizens commit murder and physical assault; threaten judges, law enforcement professionals and government personnel; impersonate police officers and diplomats; and engineer various white-collar scams, including mortgage fraud and so-called “redemption” schemes.

The new online working group will be chaired by the national security staff at the White House with input from specialists in countering what the Obama administration calls violent extremism.

Also included in the group, according to a White House release, will be “Internet safety experts, and civil liberties and privacy practitioners from across the United States Government.”

The new group says its initial focus will be on raising awareness about the threat and “providing communities with practical information and tools for staying safe online.”

The working group says it will coordinate with the technology industry to “consider policies, technologies, and tools that can help counter violent extremism online” while being careful not to interfere with “lawful Internet use or the privacy and civil liberties of individual users.”

Today, Obama is reportedly poised to issue an executive order aimed at thwarting cyber attacks against critical infrastructure.

The Hill reported the executive order would establish a voluntary program in which companies operating critical infrastructure would elect to meet cybersecurity best practices and standards crafted, in part, by the government.

Because of the troubling ideology of some Obama officials, the question arises as to exactly which citizens are considered threats by the government.

WND broke the story about a lengthy academic paper by President Obama’s so-called regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein, suggesting the government should “infiltrate” social network websites, chat rooms and message boards. Sunstein stepped down last year.

Such “cognitive infiltration,” Sunstein argued, should be used to enforce a U.S. government ban on “conspiracy theorizing.” Among the beliefs Sunstein classified as a “conspiracy theory” is that global-warming advocacy is a fraud.

Last year, Reuters revealed that a government document indicates the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s command center routinely monitors dozens of popular websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Hulu, WikiLeaks and news sites such as the Huffington Post and Drudge Report.

Curiously, the task force offered no evidence of these “murders” that occur by those rejecting the new form of government.  Then, the administration actually demonstrated why some are outraged at the current administration, by abusing the very power (the executive order) to make their false case and grant themselves additional unconstitutional powers!

Additionally, this over-extension of monitoring, seizure, detention and prosecution of people could be extended to anyone the administration sees fit.

The question truly becomes, “Who gets to define who is a domestic terrorist?”  The FBI?  The CIA?  The administration, who defines things according to the definitions put forth by their radical communist and marxist advisers…Cass Sunstein?  Eric Holder…Valerie Jarrett?  Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn?

This task force, combined with Eric Holder’s signing of the new guidelines on how the government may locate, retrieve, utilize and store information, and we have a perfect storm of violation of the Constitutional rights of citizens.  Once last year’s re-definition of rights by Holder was established, the foundation for the task force was built on the ability of the re-written law to extend to the government to protect the administration in these unlawful acts; and there is a no-holds barred approach to “shutting up” citizens who don’t agree with the Marxist approach to dismantling our nation.

Be prepared and vigilant, folks.  Your Constitutional rights are worth very little today under this administration, and exercising them will be the very case for prosecution and persecution tomorrow.

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