Big Name Socialist Democrats Who Are Backing Some Of The Most Controlling & Bankrupting Policies Of Redistribution Of Wealth


On both sides of the aisle in DC, Republicans and Democrats, you are going to find Socialists to one extent or another.  Often there are unconstitutional laws and policies advanced by Republicans, as well as Democrats, but there is no denying that when it comes to spending other people’s money unconstitutionally and attempting to control our lives and violate our rights, Democrats are far more open about it.  Some of the bigger names among Democrats are pushing for the most socialistic policies that would redistribute wealth that we have ever seen.

Of course, the one everyone is hearing about is Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  She has proposed a 70 percent tax on income over $10 million to fund virtually anything and everything a thief like her wants to fund to control the people, not set them free.

While AOC has no actual plan, she can barely get words out of her mouth at times, she did say that the first $75,000 of income would be taxed at ten to 15 percent, and that income over $10 million would garner ‘rates as high as 60 to 70 percent.’

I guess that is low compared to Muslim bigamist Repl. Ilhan Omar, who wants that to be closer to 90 percent.

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While people wrongly attacked her for saying that the entire $10 million would be taxed, the reality is anything over that would be taxed at that rate, and anything under would be taxed at the lower rate, but either way, it’s all immoral and treats one set of Americans unequally under the law than others.

Then there is Senator Elizabeth Warren, the fake Native American.

Warren wants to have a “wealth tax” on households with net worth of more than $50 million.

Her plan would see worth between $50 million and $1 billion taxed at 2 percent each year. Households worth above $1 billion would be taxed at 3 percent on the amount above $1 billion.

Again, it’s immoral and unequally treats one set of Americans different than others.

Then there’s Senator Bernie Sanders.  This man, who doesn’t seems to know what a comb is, wants to expand an inheritance tax, which again, is highly immoral.

He wants to start inheritance taxes on estates worth $3.5 million compared to where they are now at $11 million.

Here’s how Sanders rates would look:

  • 45% on estate $3.5 million to $10m
  • 50% tax on estate values $10m to $50m
  • 55% tax values over $50m to $1 billion

The rates would be marginal so a $1.5 billion estate would attract taxation of 45% the first $6.5m; 50% on the next $40 million; 55% on the next $950 million; and 77% on the final $500 million.

The total bill would be $930.425 million.

Now, these people can promise this all day long, but what really needs to happen is these people need to be removed from office.  They have no business representing the people while attempting to take their livelihood and hand it off to others in society.  Our Constitution does not provide for such redistribution of wealth.  It provides for constitutional spending and the money that comes in is to be spent on those enumerated powers we’ve given Congress, but fiddling with inequality of taxation and immorally thinking that government has a right to the fruit of our labor is unlawful.

These people are not lawful representatives.  They are tyrants.  Tyrants steal and make up pretended laws to justify their lawlessness.  When is America going to learn and deal with these corrupt politicians?

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