Bill Barr Calls Out Extremists and Foreign Actors Who are Hijacking Peaceful Protests


There is no denying that the cause of racial equality is a just one.  This is the very lifeblood of the American ideology.  All men are created equal.  With liberty and justice for all.

Americans, real Americans, see this nation as purposefully diverse and ready to tackle whatever the world throws at us.

Unfortunately, this makes us one of the more hated nations on the planet as well.  Strongmen in nations such as Iran, Russia, North Korea, and China loathe the fact that Americans have a firm grip on world culture because that makes them look bad.  (I mean, they are bad, but the point is that their egos are bruised when their own citizens emulate Americans because Americans are free).

And, sadly, there are plenty of extremists right here in the United States who are looking to sow discord among us as well, and it appears as though they, along with their foreign counterparts, are working to delegitimize the efforts of our nation’s peaceful protesters.

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Attorney General Bill Barr announced Thursday that investigations of recent violence spinning out of protests yielded evidence that not only are various “extremist” groups taking advantage of the unrest for their own ends, but that “foreign actors” are also getting involved.

After expressing deep sympathies over George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis police custody, Barr said at a press briefing that “three different sets of actors” are involved in the demonstrations — namely peaceful protesters, looters and “extremist agitators that hijack protests” to pursue various agendas.

The FBI had a similar take.

FBI Director Christopher Wray elaborated on this, noting that “these individuals have set out to sow discord and upheaval.”

This echoed what a senior Justice Department official told Fox News Wednesday about how the feds have seen signs of “very organized” coordination from “professional” agitators, some linked to Antifa. Barr made it clear Thursday that there was a “witches brew” of extremists with varying ideologies, including anarchists and those seeking to incite a civil war.

This would help to explain much of the dichotomy that Americans are seeing play out on their television screens, where young, casually dressed protesters seem to give way to well-equipped and angry mobs as night falls across the nation.

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