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In his first TV commercial, Bill Connor, who is looking to unseat South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham, uses Graham’s own words against him, showing viewers that Graham isn’t as conservative as his electorate want him to be.

The spot, which according to The State, cost the Connor campaign $7,500 to produce, starts by posing: “Conservative Republicans love Hillary Clinton, right?”

Then it shows clips of Graham introducing Clinton at the May 2012 Chicago Council on Global Affairs symposium, calling her “dedicated to her job, loves her country.” Then, he calls her a good role model and “the most effective Secretary of States and the greatest ambassador for the American people that I’ve known in my lifetime.”

Connor then asks if 20 years of Graham is enough.

The ad switches focus to Connor’s military career as a U.S. Army reserves lieutenant colonel, an Afghanistan combat vet and a 23-year U.S. Airborne Ranger infantry officer.

The ad ends with a Graham and Clinton hug.

“Watch out who you hug,” said USA Today Washington bureau chief Susan Page, appearing on CNN’s The Lead with Jay Tapper. “It made him seem like he’s part of the cozy Washington establishment. … I’m sure South Carolina Republicans hate the Washington establishment.”

Ryan Lizza, The New Yorker Washington correspondent hit on a major issue:
“Look, Graham isn’t as conservative as South Carolina. South Carolina Republicans are the most conservative in the country. … Potentially there could be a lot of anger on the right in South Carolina. He’s got to watch it,” he said.

Lizza said that Graham is lucky to have five opponents because they’re dividing themselves.

“If you look at any of the polls, none of them have caught fire yet,” explained Lizza, who also said that Graham has $8 million in his campaign war chest, where his nearest competitor has a few $100,000s.

While Graham calls Hillary Clinton a “role model,” the South Carolina GOP chairman Matt Moore recently called her “the most cold and calculated politician of our lifetimes.”

The pro-Hillary rhetoric and imagery of Graham hugging Hillary Clinton doesn’t sit well with Republican voters and will likely cause a further drop for Graham’s dwindling support.

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