Boehner Gets Challenger from the Right, But Can Conservatives Get the Votes?


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Will House Republicans continue with the status quo and big government statism? Will House Republicans shift to the right and will they listen to Tea Party factions calling for the ouster of John Boehner?

Well, conservatives may get their wish.

Rep. Louie Gohmert announced that he is challenging Boehner for House speaker.

“It is time for a change; it really is time for a change,” Gohmert said on “Fox & Friends.

According to the New American Freedom index score card, Rep. Gohmert earned 75%. Though he fails on voting for indefinite detention, it’s a lot better than Boehner’s aweful voting record of 53%.  

But conservatives who believe Republicans should oppose Obama’s socialist agenda are frustrated with no conservative wins even though Republicans have a majority in the House and hold the purse strings.

Breitbart reported that it only take 29 votes to oust Boehner, but do conservative members have what it takes to make that move? Will politics as usual prevail at the end of the day in Washington?

Grassroots activists are making a move to make sure they have the votes to unseat Boehner. See Facebook event here.

Reps. Walter Jones and Thomas Massie publicly stated that they will not vote for Boehner’s re-election. Will others follow their lead?

Will your Representative follow Massie’s lead? Click below to find their contact information.

Phone calls to Remove John Boehner as Speaker of the House.


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