Budget Deal: Politicians kick the Military, Veterans and Retiree's Square in the teeth AGAIN!


Included in the new budget deal, both Democrats and Republicans are touting, are cuts to the Military, Veterans and Retirees.

They spend some $3.5 trillion per year and decide where they really need to make some cuts is on the backs of our military. They managed to cut six billion from the above mentioned groups, while it’s well known that the Government has over $ 200 billion in waste, fraud and abuse. I have to ask, haven’t they paid enough? I would ask, what is next, but I have this sinking feeling that I already know. They have already started coming after Veterans with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), or Vets who require a caretaker to care for them.

All of these veterans volunteered to go fight for our country and would just like to be left alone. If they seek help, they are afraid someone will come after their 2nd Amendment right. If they don’t seek any help, they just live with the PTSD off by themselves somewhere. Many of them feel alone, even with their families. What do they get in return for their service, sacrifice and duty to country? A kick in the face and their firearms taken away. The VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) have been going from office to office today on Capitol Hill. Watch and see how your representatives vote on this budget. This bogus PIG of a budget is a joke and what they cut from our military is a national disgrace!

I have noticed that even local law enforcement officials are getting tired of being yanked around by corrupt politicians. If you don’t toe the line, the Feds will have USFS Cops and the Department of Homeland Security roaming in your neck of the woods. If law enforcement officials from coast to coast are growing tired of their rights being taken away, just imagine how the rest of the citizenry feels! The NSA has not managed to catch a single terrorist. Yet, they just finished up building a vast compound in Utah where they can and will store everything we do. They even managed to miss the Boston Terrorists. Barney fife could have nailed that case. How many terrorists has the TSA stopped? However, they do manage to watch, monitor, track, tap and survey everything the Veterans, conservatives and the Tea Party does! If they are not able to find any dirt on the groups that don’t agree with their destroying the constitution, they’ll send the IRS after them. Why is the government discouraging, degrading, antagonizing, cutting, defunding and disarming our military and Veterans?

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I listened to a speech today given by a combat veteran who is now a Law Enforcement officer. He sees the writing on the wall and if you haven’t seen his speech, I urge you to take two minutes and listen to it closely! When is enough, enough? I guess we will find out and hopefully, straight away!

Jeb Stuart, Know that I will tell my men to always gallop toward the enemy… but trot away.

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