Bundy Ranch Siege: A Test By Government To See How Far Citizens Will Permit Tyranny


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We’ve heard many excuses by the government, and theories from several news sources, concerning the standoff at the Bundy ranch between armed Federal agents and Cliven Bundy supporters; from it being protection of the desert tortoise to Harry Reid’s son wanting the land for his China solar power project.

When examined, none of it makes any sense. Obviously, the Federal government would not send such a large amount of armed agents to protect a turtle, or create such a media mess over a solar project.

What all of this boils down to is a test by the US government to see how citizens would react when it takes up arms against American citizens. This has been in the planning stages since the Patriot Act became law after 9-11. The Patriot Act gave the Federal government the power to tap all of our phones, scrutinize all bank info, use Gestapo style search and seizure of all citizens at airports, and use video and audio surveillance at every street corner. 

Since Obama took office, the Police State has literally been secured by the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act, which allows the government to detain American citizens without warrant or reason and yes, does allow for shooting anyone who refuses to be detained. The NDAA along with other Socialist laws passed gives the Feds full rights to rein Tyranny on the American people at any time.

President Obama, through Executive Order, has essentially made himself a Socialist Dictator with the power to seize every aspect of civilian commerce from food production to water resources to the freedom to travel. At any given time, the President can decide to take over a state’s right to self-govern and replace local and state authority with Federal control. 

The revelation of the NSA spying on American citizens should come as a surprise to no one since it has been happening since the passage of the Patriot Act. The focal point of the NSA spying is American citizens and has nothing to do with finding terrorists.

People need to realize that all the Tyrannical laws passed since 9-11 in general and all the Socialistic laws, and Executive Orders implemented since Obama took office in particular, are geared toward keeping tabs and controlling US citizens, not protecting us from terrorism.

Since the government would not have transformed itself into a Socialist Dictatorship over these laws unless it intended to use them, we must face the fact that the Federal government is planning on moving against its own citizens at some point in time in the near future.

They know US citizens will draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough at some given point. Thus, they have prepared for this since 2001.

When the people have had enough of gun confiscation, the transformation from Christianity to Islam, illegal immigration, intentional inflation, and an ever growing lousy economy perpetrated by the government itself—they will rise up against the Federal government with violent protests and a possible full blown Civil War.

The government’s plan to go to war with its own people began with the first Bush Presidency when George H.W. Bush signed the United Nations Agenda 21 treaty. This sealed the deal, allowing for the total dismantling of the US as a sovereign nation and eventual hand over of government to the UN. Since the government knows this would be unacceptable to most Americans, it has made plans to force the issue by any means possible, including armed intervention.

The American people have become the enemy of the US government. Thus, the Bundy ranch siege was just a test of how far we are willing to permit the government to go before we take up arms against them.

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